3 Nutrition myths BUSTED | Huel Nutrition Myths #2

not in try now you might have come across a lot of nutrition beliefs I'm going to try and bust some of those today clear some things up for you because if you were all about nutrition first first delusion feeing people berthed will realise you fatten now that is not true now it's not ideal for digestion to have food too late at night if you're going to be lying down because absorption is aided by gravity nonetheless you can eat in the nights as long as you know don't have too much don't go to bed on a full stomach that's the key point there it's more important to be mindful of what you're eating and how much you're eating if you want to control your load next delusion bouncing meals will help you lose weight quicker not entirely untrue there is some truth to that but delay on that for a moment generally you should have three or four small-time snacks in a epoch to help provide steady influx of energy to help you feel enlivened and help you keep feeling full throughout the day however what is really interesting is intermittent fasting or era inhibited devouring which is where you don't eat for 12 14 16 or even 18 hours in the 24 hour period this has been shown to help control your load and assist with fatty loss it also has some health benefits linked to longevity and slow-going the aging process which is really interesting heal can be great to incorporate into time inhibited gobbling or sporadic fasting because it plies all the nutrients it is necessary to and you are eligible to precisely have the or a little bit later in the day or whatever dress you if you want to learn more about intermittent fasting there's an article on your comm check it out onto the next myth lowfat and fatfree nutrients are better for you know this absolutely is a myth foods that are labeled lowfat or fatfree aren't necessarily better for you at all quite often these menus are higher in sugar and sugar is arguably more of an issue for health than solid so really these meat convey nothing they're just a room of trying to find an excuse to have these rubbish snack food in your diet I hope you detected this useful if you've got any questions or if you disagree with anything we've said please invite below or get in touch and our nutrition squad will answer any queries you've got you

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