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Coconut Oil and Abdominal Fat

Coconut Oil and Abdominal Fat
Coconut Oil and Abdominal Fat

coconut oil and Belly Fat – I was surprised to see in this popular information graphic that there is clearly promising evidence that coconut oil can help with obesity. Well, if you pump your stomach into rats with purified medium-chain fatty acids, which are also a component of coconut oil, they end up eating less food, but there is no way to know if it has anything to do with people until this claim is verified.

Researchers compared different types of snacks to the same amount: milk, fat, coconut oil and tallow (beef, fat). It turns out that it has no effect on hunger, satiety satisfaction or how much they ate after lunch. So where did this whole idea? Come from that coconut oil, is it any different? Six years ago an open pilot study was published, 20 men and women were asking to take 2 tablespoons of coconut oil a day for a month, and men seem to have lost about 2.5 cm from your waist. Now openly means the participants knew what they ate. There was no such thing as a placebo control group. In fact, there was no control group, so you have no way of knowing if the effect is would have happened anyway, even without coconut oil. There is one well-known effect in food research. The very thought of being a person under study and being monitored usually leads to a decrease in calorie intake, because he knows it will be measured and observed.

But there was never a controlled study on coconut oil and Waist for Women and Men by 2015 About one hundred men and women are given about a tablespoon of coconut oil a day for three months and all lose more than 2 cm from your waist. After three months compared to the control group, What does the control group get? Instead, Nothing. There was no placebo effect, and so they compared doing things to doing nothing, And when this is done, there is often a placebo effect, regardless of the true efficacy of the treatment. They also offered the coconut oil group to take the full dose of fruit And, if people do end up eating more fruits, that in itself can help. Since, despite the sugar content, the consumption of fruit usually associated with an anti-obesity effect, What we need to see is whether the coconut oil has any special effects by giving people one tablespoon of coconut oil. Compare it to taking another fat and see if there is any difference And after that is done, 2 tbsp, coconut oil a day versus 2 tbsp soybean oil a day, no significant difference in waist

But what happens is a significant increase in insulin resistance in the coconut oil group, which ultimately causes type 2 diabetes. Although people have been told to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables to reduce sugar and animal fats despite the exercise program and walking 50 minutes a day four days a week, The only other study on coconut oil and a placebo control group was published in 2017. And does not detect any significant changes in weight waist or hips, neither in total fat, abdominal fat or fat on the butt, No benefits of coconut oil and obesity compared to placebo in every single study to date. So how can supporters of coconut oil get out and say the opposite? Well, they like to talk about studies like this, indicating that the Pacific Islanders who eats more coconut is weaker than those who eat more modern with less coconut products, But guess what they ate. Instead, The modern diet model is mainly characterized by large quantities of sausage, eggs and processed foods.

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