Day 1: Elevate – The 40 Day Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya

( bright sitar music) Sat Nam and welcome to our first day together of this amazing practice for heavines lose we'll do over 14 periods. We'll be using Kundalini yoga skills. Which are going to work very deep, not on your physical body, but including information on your recollection and subconsciousness. So let's get moving. Mitt in devotion pose, and let's begin. Inhale deep. Exhale. Inhale to beginning.( reciting in foreign speech) Inhale, regarded the breath in. Exhale. So, let's begin our practice. We're going to use Breath Of Fire for the first usage and that is a short in and out breath where the diaphragm becomes like little at-bat butterfly. So it becomes like a nearly pulsating sigh. The breath is forced, the inhale “youre coming” automatic. So let's try it out, the breath is likely to be through the snout. Arms are up to 60 positions. You're going to articulate the thumbs into the pillows of your hands, thumbs are going to be strained high up so you have a little pressure now. Eye's are close, just slightly take wheeze in. And we are starting.( singing music) Now inhale with your eyes close and breath held in, Raise your hands up above your principal until your digits touch one another. And collect the thumb tips up, pull them high-pitched. Holding the breath. And swipe your aura now with your hands all the way into the earth. Just stay here for a few seconds. And now, impound your shin in front. Remember, you can sit in easy pose, you can do more stretch, you can possibly do the full lotus. Take it at your own pace. We “re not here” to rush. So, we're going to breath, back with the chest open. The sticker arcs. Exhale, and come back. Inhale forward, exhale back. Remember, we're working on the lower backbone. Make sure the pate doesn't tilt forwards. Move in a smooth course. Own the awareness, be forwarded to the lower back. Releasing influences from the day. And, for the last few seconds, let's speed up. Breathe, and loved it. Feel your heart and spine warm up. And, inhale, dresser up, chin somewhat stowed in, sticker swerved, maintained the breather in. Exhale, loosen, all well and good. We're going to continue with our backbone. So, we're gonna braced our shoulders, digits supporting at the back. The forearm is parallel to the ground, and we're going to inhale to the left, and evaporate to the realization of the rights. Now, make sure the arms remain parallel, and likewise get the chin to follow the shoulder. This style, you likewise remove hostility from your neck. It's brilliant if you have a headache. So, let's give it a go. Inhale to the center, supporting the breath in, feeling the backbone stronger. Exhale. Now, we're going to come with our legs stretched forward, and try to have the knees to the floor, so we're not just doing this, because we lose the extension that we are creating. We're going to elongate high up, truly pull, and to hold with our digits and our thumbs, the large-hearted toe. And whilst you're comprise it, you're going to press securely onto the large-hearted toe here. We're going to be inhaling up, and breath down, and you can aim to lengthen from the lower back, instead of really bowing the sticker. Inhaling up, exhaling down. And now, inhale, stretch up, actually feel the backbone becoming strong and aligned, and on the expel, we'll come all the way down. Inhale up. And, we're going to move, sitting on our right leg. Now, the deception is that the end has to go deeper in you, so we're going to try, it's okay. If you can do it, gorgeous, you get a gold star. If you can't get it on, you can either leave it on the side, or you can do this. Ideally, though, you'll want to actually sit on your heel, and so it presents an extra charge of what we're trying to achieve. So, we're going to hold our toe, with our hands again, with our paws, stretching the backbone, and we're gonna come down, resting on our shins. It's okay if you can't go all the way down, yet. You “il be seeing” with the practice, you will manage in no time. And, we're gonna start here the sigh of fervor. Similar to first exert, gulp is short and rhythmic, so let's go. Inhale, unfold up, extend the prickle, and on the expel, taken forward, and breath up. We're going to unfold now, the legs, as far as they can go. Do not get prevented if you cannot It organize a really wide posture. We're not here for ballet, we have a purpose, so let's stick to that determination, and let's work on it. We're going to inhale up, stretching. We're going to expel, gripping one knee. Inhale up, exhale to the other side, and let's go. You know, so view, and precisely touch your forehead, or your nose to your knee. We store a lot of tension in our trendies, in the pelvic flooring. We move them, even by sitting, or, actually, excessive practice, so it's essential we adjust. And, breath up. Send your awareness all the way into your pelvic floor. And, the next one, we're going to come forward. Now, it's okay if you cannot go far enough. You'll notice with hour it will rectify itself, so do as much as you can. First we'll do a few wheezes up and down to warm up. And, when you're ready. And now, inhale up, adjust. And down. Create equal sums on the sides of your buttocks. Inhale up, bring your legs together, and simply feel any superstars across the body. You might feel a little of tingling, that's absolutely regular. When you're finished extend, We're going to come lying on our tummies, and make sure the heels remain together on this one. Place your hands underneath your shoulders, and gradually, raise in the air, making sure that we feel every vertebrae, and every muscle smothering that vertebrae hired as we're lifting up into cobra. So, gradually, by small degrees, maybe this is as much as you can go, that's absolutely fine. If you can go further, go further. Just adjust the spine and feel what it feels more natural for you at the current stage, and when you find the balance, you're going to do breath of volley now. So, it feels touchy, especially for the first time, but it does miracles for the body, refers the sigh actually deep, where it should be. And, let's begin. And , now we breath, we strain a little further, if you can, and slowly, with caution, we're going to come down onto our knees and remainder for a second, Allow the body to consolidate and adjust, and let's get up, and let's continue. Coming again into easy pose, or we can do a semilotus as well, if there is a desire. We're going to do shoulder shrugs, and we're going inhale up, and breath down. So, shoulder goes to the ear, and we really squeeze, because of all the tension we amass during the day residues in the shoulders. So, the saying of I'm carrying the whole world on my shoulders, actually is true. Now, inhaling up, breath down, and drop your shoulders. Notice how it feels. Keep running, don't lose the rhythm. Try now, quicker. Can we do a little quicker? Inhale, comprised your shoulders to the ears. Exhale. Ah, all well and good. Now, gradually with caution, take the intelligence around, rubbing the neck. We're working on the thyroid glands as well, which we will engage eventually into the program, which instantly is responsible for your metabolism, and weight ascertain, too liberating friction in the cervix. Be attentive, don't overdo it. And, come to center, and let's reverse. If you feel cracking, or some sort of a daze hotshot, then you know it's really, that be interpreted to mean that the neck requires a bit more attention, and precisely transmit it it's love, and come to center. And now, for the last one, we'll do( foreign command ). It is a phenomenal energizer. So, if you ever feel like you need energy, if you're sitting in the department, and you really feel like a third cappuccino. Stop, use the bathroom, or a meeting room, and really do this, it's amazing. Very important, we'll be doing weapons up, stretched, and we'll be doing, sut, nam. So, on the sut, the belly basically comes in. We're contracting the diaphragm. And, on the nam, we just let it release. It all comes natural. The contraction coerced, the nam long resolves loosened. Let's give it a try. We're going to begin. Sut, nam, sut, nam, sut, nam, sut, nam, sut, nam. And now, on the breath, pull your forearms up over the ears, and now pinch the root fastening from the anus, ex parts, low-toned against the tummy muscle. Just squeeze and feel how you contain the vitality, contain the heat generated in the body. Hold it, project your energy high up, the whole way through the sticker. Enter your thumbs into infinity. Hold, expel, and swipe your hands around. And, well done. Let's go into our loosening now. So, stretch the legs forward, Allowing the body to naturally tighten. Breath becomes neutral. And, you're welcome to stay here, if you feel like you need a bit more. And, if not, let's come up, and let's tune out. Rub the entrusts, provoking some force into fingertips, wreaking them into sternum. Inhale.( reciting in foreign usage) Hope you experienced your first day, and see you tomorrow. Sut nam, have a good day ..

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