Dean Ornish: Healing through diet

Translator: Ibrahim Alquraishi Auditor: Anwar DafaAlla This castigate talks about natural wonders The seminar as a whole talks about the pursuit of happiness I will try to combine the two Because healing for me is the greatest natural miracle Your body has an extraordinary ability to heal itself And still faster than people previously imagined And this only happens if you stop doing the authority that's starting their own problems Hence, a lot of what we do in medicine and life in general It's like mopping the flooring without turning off the sound I like to do this, because it provides so many parties With brand-new hopes and selects they did not was formerly It likewise allows us to talk about many things other than diet, But happiness is not … We are talking about the pursuit of happiness When we take a look at all the religious tokens and traditions, What Aldous Huxley announces eternal wisdom When you transcend the honours, conditions, and rituals that separate beings, It really is about it's our sort to be happy; It is our sort to be peaceful, and our sort to be healthy; Therefore, gaiety is not something we get, And health in general is not something we are looking for. But instead of all these different rules We know that ancient monks, rabbis, clergymen, monks and nuns They didn't only develop these techniques for managing stress Or to reduce blood pressure or improve blood circulation in the arteries Although it is capable of doing all of these things. They are strong tools for change, To appease our spirits and our mass To allow us to experience what can induce us feel happy, To be reassuring, to be happy In degree to realize that this is something we do not seek to obtain, In fact, it is something you already own until you grant it up. I have coached yoga for many years with a teacher worded Swami Stichidnaide And parties were wondering, What are you, Hindu? And he was answering, No, but I'm back. It is all about knowing and marking what meets us do By giving up our innate state and happy, And then we grant coming that fungal therapy. For me, this is the true natural supernatural. So with that context, that broader context, We can talk about diet and stress control, Which are true spiritual rehearses, And practise, quit smoking, and support groups as well. I will likewise talk about vitamins and supplements It's not just a food. We know that most of the people who consider the diet I recommend, They'll think it's too cruel. This is the price for reversing illness. But if you just want to get it right, there are a lot options. And when you get to the point where you can head in the healthy tack, You “il be living” longer and feel better hair, You will lose excess weight, etc. In our research studies, what we have been able to do It is the purpose of superior, costly, boosted and modern engineerings of scale To express the effectiveness of these simple and inexpensive techniques, Which in many ways could be an outdated intervention and the measures. First, we looked at heart disease. And when I started this thing 26 or 27 year ago, It was thought that once you had heart disease, it could only get worse. But what the hell is met is that instead of it getting worse, Individual patients may get better in many cases. Much faster than previously known. Here is an example of a 73 yearold case He decided he would perfectly need to have bypass surgery, but instead it was done to him; We use this xray to show the artery narrowing. “Its one of” the central arteries held accountable for nourishing the heart. We can be found in the narrowing now. After 1 year, the stenosis is less than it was before, and we generally assure the blood coming back here in the opposite direction. These simple the changing nature of blockages Causes a 300% improvement in blood flow, And by using a PET scan, Here, the colours blue and black demonstrate shortcoming of blood spring, while orange and lily-white mark increased blood flood. Very big differences can happen without employing remedies or experiencing surgery. Clinically, he used to say that he could not stroll without severe chest pain. But within a month, like most people, the ache was gone, and within a year, They could descend 100 floorings in one day. This is not uncommon, it is something that people can do To maintain this kind of change, Because they can make a big difference in their quality of life. And generally speaking, if you look at all these arteries of all these patients, You will find that they are getting worse each year compared to the previous group. This is the natural history of heart disease, But it is not really ordinary because we found that we can improve the course of the disease And more quickly than previously thought. We too pointed out that the more beings altered, “the worlds largest” their level of increase. It should not depend on the patients age or how bad his state was. It was mainly is contingent upon how much they had changed. Older patients also improve as much as younger cases. I went this Christmas placard many years ago From two patients who were in one of our curricula. The younger brother was 86 year olds, while the oldest brother was 95 years old; They wanted to show me how their resilience is. And after a few years they communicated me this poster, which was funny.( Laughter) We can never know. We pointed out that 99% of patients They are now beginning to make the course of heart disease. Now I guess, you know, that if we apply discipline well, It would change the practice of medicine but that would voiced a little unconvincing. It is important, but not sufficient. Because we doctors exclusively do what we are paid for, We are also trained to do what we are paid for as well. So when we change insurance, medical practice and education will change with it as well. Medical insurance will submerge the bypass surgery and the catheter functioning. But it did not cover diet and lifestyle until very recently. So, we began our nonprofit institutes, Training hospitals around the country, And we found that most people could shun surgery. This is not simply medically effective, but it was also cost effective. And I found insurance companies It started saving nearly$ 30,000 for individual patients. The healthcare campaign is now considered halfway As they offer 1,800 parties to enter this programme In the places where we qualify. The fortuneteller says, I leave dismiss to smokers Because there is not much to say I adore this slither because it yields a chance to talk about The thing that causes parties to change and the thing that is not. The thing that does not do that is fear of death. This is usually applied. As it is known, any person who is smokes knows that it is harmful. But we still find that 30% of Americans fume. And 80% in some parts of the world. Why do beings do that? It might be because it helps them get through their day. I'll talk more about that, but the real epidemic Not heart disease, obesity, or smoking either, it is loneliness and hollow. As one gal said, I went 20 friends in this pack of cigarettes, And they are always there with me, unlike anything else. You will take 20 friends from me, what will you give me in return? ” Others overeat when chilled. Some help booze to easy their agony. Some of them work too hard-bitten or watch TV for long periods. We have many ways to avoid, counteract and overcome pain. But the quality of all this is dealing with the real cause of their own problems Pain is not their own problems, it is only a symptom. Telling beings that they will die is very scary to them. Telling them that they will develop emphysema or a heart attack is also frightening. So they don't want to think about it, and they won't. The most effective smoking cessation advertisement has been this. You will notice that the cigarette is hanging as if it were wilted from this person's mouth, The word infertility is the title , not emphysema disease. What is the bestselling drug of all time Which was launched several years ago? Viagra, right? Why? Because a lot of men need it. It's not like you say, Hi Joe, I have erectile dysfunction, what about you? However, look at the number of recipes that are spent for that. The problem is not mental, but preferably in the blood vessels. And nicotine narrows these basins. Cocaine, highfat food, and stress too cause this So, those special behaviours that we consider become us interesting in our civilization and our society It are similar that needles people feeling tired, Lethargy, recession, and impotence, which is not good at all. But when you alter these demeanors, it will increase blood flow to your intelligence. This, in turn, will filter your thoughts and increase your force. Your heart will get more blood, as shown by the methods I just goes to show you. Also, your sexual activity will improve. These things happen within hours. This is a study after chewing a highfat meal, Within an hour or two, the level of blood flowing lessened dramatically. And you all tried it on Thanksgiving, When you ingest a highfat meal, what will you feel after feeing it? You will feel sleepy. Blood flow is not affected after dining lowfat banquets, but instead improves and mounts. Many of you have children, and you know that will be a major change in your lifestyle. Thus, parties are not afraid to make a major change in their lifestyle if it is for people who deserve it. And the paradox here is that when you oblige big changes, you get gigantic benefits. You will feel better promptly. For numerous people, such is conversions worthwhile. Not to live longer, but to live better. I want to talk a little bit about the obesity epidemic, Because it really is a real problem. Twothirds of adults are overweight, And diabetes in children people of 30 years It has risen by 70% in the past 10 years.This is not a joke, it is a fact. And to show you this, this image is from the CDC. This is not the election results, this is the percentage of people who are overweight. When we see from 85 to 86 to 88 to 89 to 91 We get a brand-new list, which is from 15 to 20%; 92 93 94 95 96 97 You get another new class; 98 99 2000 and 2001. In Mississippi, more than 25 percent of people are overweight. why is that? Well, this is one method to lose weight that works very well! But it is not last-place, and that's a problem!( Laughter) Now, there is no secret how to lose weight; Either you burn more calories through usage or you dine fewer calories. One acces to eat fewer calories is to eat less nutrient. This is the reason you can lose weight by using any diet if you gobble less menu. Or I limited an entire class to menu. But the problem is that you are hungry, so it can be difficult to stick and continue. The other behavior to lose weight is to change the quality of your nutrient. One gram of fat contains 9 calories. But protein and sugars contain only 4 calories. So, when you eat less overweight, you will eat fewer calories without reducing the amount of meat you snacked. So, you will be able to eat the same amount of nutrient, but you will have fewer calories Because meat contains fewer calories. What affects satiety is the size and capacity of menu, irrespective of the type. Actually, I don't like talking about the Atkins diet, but I ask about it every day. And so I visualize I'll write about it for a few minutes. The legend that you hear about, Americans have been told to eat less overweight. The amount of calories produced from fat will decrease. However, Americans are more obese than ever, so paunches do not draw you overweight. It's half the truth. In fact, Americans are eating more fat than ever before. And more carbohydrate. It is true that the fraction is lower, But the actual size is higher and so the goal is to reduce both. Dr. Atkins several times before his death, And we agreed that the Americans feed too many sugars. Harmful sugars, such as ( Laughter) Sugar, grey flour, white rice and booze, so you will have a multiplier effect: You will get all those calories that won't fill you up because you removed the fibers. It will be absorbed quickly and your blood sugar level will rise abruptly and rapidly. Your pancreas will determine insulin to lower your blood sugar level, which is a good thing. But insulin will speed up the conversion of calories into lipids. So, our goal is not to aim you to bacon and sausage. These are unhealthy foods But to guide you from what we call bad sugars to what we call good sugars. Such as entire meat with no added artificial substances and natural sugars such as: Return, vegetables, brown wheat flour and brown rice, in their natural and fiberrich forms. Fibers saturate you before you get too much calories. It also slows down the hurry of absorption, and this will protect yourself from a abrupt further increase your blood sugar level. So, you get all the disease protective information. It doesn't time involve what the hell are you inhibit in your food, But on what you include in your food from the protective materials. And just as not all sugars are bad for you, neither are all fatties bad, there are others that are beneficial. They are known as omega3 fatty acids. You will find these fatties, for example, in fish oil. Examples of injurious fatties are what are known as transfatty battery-acids and processed foods And saturated overweights, which we find in meat. If you won't remember anything else from this conversation, 3 grams of fish lubricant a period increases the risk of angina Sudden death by 50 to 80%. 3 grams per day; It comes in a one gram sheath It's more than exactly giving you solids you don't need. It also helps reduce the incidence of the most common cancerous tumors Such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. Now, the problem with the Atkins diet, Everyone knows people who have lost weight by expending it. But you can also lose weight with the use of amphetamines captagon and olefin. I necessitate there are a lot of ways to lose weight but they're not good for you. You want to lose weight in a way that improves your state And not the style it hurts. The difficulty is that the matter is based on the halftruth principle. Which is that Americans feed too many carbohydrates, So, if you munch less sugar, you will lose weight. You will lose more weight if you go to whole menus and lowfat meat, It further improving your state rather than harm it. He says, I have good information. Show your cholesterol tier remained the same. The results of the studies have changed( Laughter) Now, what happens to your soul when you use the Atkins diet? The blood-red colour is good at first, and after a year “Its from” a study I did in the Journal of Angiology. There will be more redness a year after starting foods like the one I have recommended. Now we find a little red color, conveying a decrease in blood flow, after a year of using the Atkins diet. So, yes, you can lose weight, but your soul will not be happy. Now, one of such studies is funded by the Atkins Center I pointed out that 70% of parties had constipation, and 65% had breathing troubles. 54% had a headache this is not a healthy way to eat. Thus, you may start to lose weight and start to draw parties towards you. But once they get too close, there will be a problem.( Laughter) More earnestly, there was a report of cases of daughters as young as 16 They died a few weeks after he started the Atkins diet Because of bone ailment, kidney disease and so on. And so how does your person deport squander, through your breathing, And your nerve and your scoot. So, when you switch to these types of foods, there will be unpleasant odors. The best diet is low in solid and low-pitched in harmful carbohydrates. High in good carbohydrates, with enough good flabs. And again, it is a series: When you thoughts in this direction, you will lose weight. You will feel better, and your state further improving. Now, there are environmental rationales to cut back on the food chain as well. Whether it's deforesting the Amazon, or establishing more protein, For the four billion people who live on one dollar a day, Not to mention, you know, whatever moral concerns beings have. So, there are a lot of reasons to eat this mode that move beyond only your health. Now, we are about to publish our first study Looking at the impact of this program on prostate cancer, In collaboration with Sloan Kettering and UCSF University of Calvonia and Los Angeles 90 humankinds diagnosed with prostate cancer are included And those who were chosen for reasonableness unrelated to this study because the operation did not work for them. Thus, we are able to arbitrarily partition them into two groups, We will get a group The usual management control is applied to it, and compared to the other experimental group, And that we could not do for breast cancer because all patients are treated. What we detected is that after a year, No case was needed in the experimental radical Who changed his lifestyle to a treatment. While six of the authority radical patients necessary surgery or radiotherapy. When we looked at the PSA rate, which is one of the indicators of prostate cancer, It was worse in the button radical, But it improved in the experimental group. You also find the indication that these differences were very large. Then I wondered, is there such relationships Show the modification that patients construct to their food and lifestyle, In both groups, the resulting change in PSA level. And for sure, we procured a relationship in the response. As we found in arterial occlusion in studies of the heart. And in order to better to put down the PSA level, they had to stir some big changes. Then I wondered, well, perhaps the deepen was just in PSA level. It should not change tumor growing. So, we made blood tests, and transmit them to UCLA And they supplemented it to prostate cancer cells growing in the laboratory. This slowed the growth rate seven ages In the experimental group compared to the control group: 70 comparison with 9 %. Finally, I wonder if there is any relationship between The altered in patients, the rate of inhibition of tumor growing, Which crew was it? And this is something that came evoked because is again, We ascertained the same pattern as before: the more people change Whenever their tumor increment is affected. In the end, we did some xrays for some patients. And we assure the tumor activity in red color in the xray in this patient, And you are eligible to clearly notice that the patient's condition turn better after a year, too with the continued decline in the PSA index. So, if this is true of prostate cancer, then it almost applies to breast cancer as well. Regardless of whether or not you have conventional cares, If you contribute in these life-style and dietary modifications, this may prevent the risk of reappearance of the tumor. The last-place thing I'd like to talk about, regarding the issue of the pursuit of happiness, Is that study after study presented That lonely and chilled beings Depression is another real epidemic in our culture Many times more danger of being subjected to getting sick and dying, This is partly because, as we've talked about, they're more likely to smoke And increase devouring and sucking a great deal, hard work a lot and so on. But too, through the mechanisms we have not fully understood them. Lonely and depressed people many times over 3 to 5 to 10 seasons in some studies To get sick or die. Depression can be medication. We need to do something about it. Now, on the other hand, anything that fosters friendship and relationships promotes regenerating. It “couldve been” sex attraction In fact, I believe it is healing energy and sex vigor Only different appearances for one thing. Friendship, altruism, sorrow, and assistance all the lasting truths we talked about They are all part of all religions, civilizations and cultures, Once you stop looking for difference, These are the things that are in our selfinterest, Because it free-spokens us from our woe and liberates us from our cankers. And in some ways, it's the most selfish thing we do. Time look at one study. This was conducted by David Spiegel at Stanford University. He took women with breast cancer that had spread, And he randomly subdivided them into two groups. One group only fills for an hour and a half per week in a backing group. It was a natural environment built on desire, As they were encouraged to allow their passions to spurt, And talk about how atrocious it is to have a breast lump With understand parties, because they went through the same experience. They merely satisfy formerly a few weeks for a year. After 5 years, these women lived twice as long as expected. This was the only discrepancies between the two groups It was a randomized assured study published in The Lancet. There are also other studies that have shown the same result. So, these simple things that create intimacy genuinely promote soothing. Even the word Healing originating from to make a whole The message yoga is inferred from Sanskrit. Which conveys reunion and join. And in the last slide, I want to show you another. This pastor or Hindu scholar with whom I studied for several years, I also took courses in cardiology and oncology At the University of Virginia Medicine two years ago. At the end of it, person stood up and said, Hello priest, What is the difference between wellness and illness which implies state and illness ? So he went to the blackboard and wrote the word illness. And he placed a halo on the first note, then wrote the word wellness. And halo the first two letters, As for me, that is a shorthand for what we are talking about: Anything that shapes you feel connected With community and adoration, this in and of itself promotes salving. Thus, we can enjoy our life without going sick from losing this thing. thank you.

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