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Do Chia Seeds Help with Belly Fat?



chia seed and belly fat
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Does chia seeds help with belly fat?” In my last literary review of health properties and therapeutic applications of chias. I have come across many studies like this one here strategies for including chias in sausages as a healthy ingredient. After all, there has been a growing trend in recent years towards a healthier lifestyle, healthier eating habits In response. There is already a lot of interest in ingredients contained naturally in plants that provide health benefits in real foods like hotdog, And the truly transformed chia frankfurters contain significantly higher amounts of vegetable proteins, fibers minerals. In fact, given this new nutritional profile, this type of hotdog can qualify for the labeling of various nutritional and health claims, And how do we know that chia-rich processed pork affects well-fed rats, fed poor food, so, let's label him healthy food People have been eating chia for Thousands of years so that would be the least safe to eat, But are there any special benefits? Its definitely nutritious. There are so many fibers antioxidants. Black chia seeds may have more than white ones. Vegetable protein, of course, a source of B-type vitamins, a source of minerals,

So nutritional for sure, but just as much as any other plant food And again are there any special benefits. There are all kinds of claims from people trying to sell you chia seeds but to finally determine their true beneficial effects. We need a little something called scientific proof instead of just cultural traditions, personal beliefs or “inaccurate advertising,”, which is an unnecessary term. If you ever hear it. For example, there are about 50,000 YouTube videos about chia seeds and belly fat, but what does science say? Chia seeds really reduce belly fat in rats. Obviously they lose weight on chickens as well. Obviously, people don't like to smell or taste chicken that smells like fish. So, by feeding chicks with chia seeds, we can increase their omega 3 levels without turning them into weird chickens. But what if we just removed the “broiler chicken” and we eat chia seeds ourselves? What if we added a teaspoon or two of chia seeds to yogurt as a snack After the yogurt with chia participants, reported significantly less hunger, and then they passed to eating fewer calories. Two hours later at lunch,

Now my first thought was to give more food, add chia to everything we eat and people will be less hungry, uh, But no, they gave people less yogurt to offset their calories, so each breakfast had the same number of calories, So we can at least say that chia seeds are more saturated than yogurt, But at noon 2 hours later people not only ate less food but also 25 % fewer calories. After this, A teaspoon of chia seeds only has about 50 calories, but still, a person eats almost 300 calories less at lunch. That is much more than compensation. So if you do this every day you eat little chia seeds as a snack and 1 teaspoon seems to work just as well as 2 teaspoons. You can expect to lose weight over time.


We cannot know, however, until we investigate it. A group of people took a whole tablespoon of chia seeds, twice a day for months before the first and last meal for 12 weeks, And they found that chia seeds do not support weight loss. In spite of everything. What We know from flax seed information that if we give people muffins made from whole flax seeds, they don't seem to really reap all the benefits compared to ground, flaxseed, muffins And the same seems to apply to chia seeds If you eat whole chia seeds. For 10 weeks there will be no increase in the levels of short-chain: omega 3 fatty acids or long-chain omega 3 fatty acids. But if you eat the same amount of ground, chia seeds, the levels increase rapidly. So perhaps the problem with this study is that they gave people whole chia seeds, But never before has there been a study on chia seeds and weight loss. A randomized controlled trial of two tablespoons of ground chia seeds a day compared to a control group receiving a similar amount of fiber from mostly oat bran

So we learn that the study was not funded by a chia seed company because they compare them to one another with a real other product, not just a sugar pill or anything like that. It also controls the fiber content. So if we have weight loss, we will know that the cause is not only fiber, but also something that is characteristic of chia seeds, And it turns out that people who have taken ground chia seeds have lost much more weight significantly more inches than the waist circumference. (a measure of belly fat), but as a bonus, decreased levels of C-reactive protein, which also suggests anti-inflammatory properties.

So maybe some of those 50,000 YouTube videos aren't very far from the truth. However, there is one form of chia powder that I personally would stay away from. I have previously talked about chia seeds gel to replace eggs or oil in baking Mix, one teaspoon of seeds with a quarter glass of water and leave them for half an hour. There is definitely a way to lower cholesterol, but you also reduce the risk of salmonella. There used to be an outbreak of salmonella internationally associated with dried sprouted chia powder Germination can create the ideal environment for bacterial growth. Ninety-Four people were infected in 16 countries, Provided it is not as dangerous as Salmonella-infected eggs. 79,000 Americans get sick every year, but I would still recommend staying away from powdered chia seeds.

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