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calories is a manmade idea that doesn'tactually accurately represent how meat changes their own bodies but they're notunderstanding is that that percentage that they're prove so that what is ittwelve percent of the total which is two thousand you are ready well above yournumber hello everyone welcome to Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with VioletPat Chat edition I'm Violet and I'm Pat we bring you these videos because Patrickfinds interesting topics information online or even speaking through ourcomments and what do we have are we talking about today Patrick this weekwe're talking about I review basic but very important stuffso we're gonna review how to read and understand like nutrition name on foodokay first let's go through like the synopsi of and crucian name how toread all the information like the main sections so for and maybe add by a grainof salt like on each if they're important that's important and what wecare for that so first the first information in first region we have onin traditional label is like the serving information in a help immensity you'll seefor example it's like you'll verify a help size which could be a cup couldbe two patches four portions it could be like it depend like a certain amount Iknow that for the Canadian menu labels they've decided to oblige that standard soI know one of the things they're talking about is a container of yogurt and sosince most yogurt receptacles are certain size like whenever you're going to lookin now even if you buy the big bathtub of yogurt they're gonna give you for thatlittle like a 1 a 1 sufficing is going to be one serving so that that's all thesame across the board and they're trying to do this with a assortment of differentthings so I will say that's one thing I do like about what the Canadiannutrition leader have said they're gonna do I don't know if “were having” those newguides more on everything probably not it's supposed to be coming this year Ibelieve ok I did find like it's a good point I didfind very little differences between the canadian and american labels so soeverything we're gonna say like now applies to both the only differenceobviously it was will be like the metric plan versus the imperialist so servingsize is very important not because like the Nutri all the neutral information orbased on that size and we we know that usually they're like in sizing so it'simportant if anything has for example 10 grams of carbs and it's like a thirdof a goblet asses it because a third of a beaker is not a big a big provide I willalso say just going back to my pre keto times I do remember looking at servinglike looking at nutrition knowledge and not really clicking in that there was aserving size and peculiarly when you buy something that seems like one serving sofor example when you buy the single dish sizing of chips you expect it tobe a single dish but there's actually more than one serving in there samething if you buy like if you're let's say you're in a service station and you buylike one cookie like one of those big cookies like when you turn it over andyou read that information it's usually for like a one-quarter of the cookie so I dofeel like that was one thing that came up that was pretty funny/ not funnybecause people are locating what they're eating what they're choosing to buy in agas station mostly quickly turning it over and looking at that and like howmany parties recognize that there was like three serves in that like no andfirst of all even if you recognize it who's gonna actually eat that in threedifferent settings yeah probably not okay another good example I have arelike breakfast cereal like you know you take your container and you fill in your headyour milk there's usually at least three or four provides probably in in a bowlof cereal because the usual serving is like 2/3 of a cup I think that's andthat's as an adult if you think back to “when hes” boys like you probablylike seven or eight performs in all fairness so for those who are startingketo this serving immensity I think is important yeah and it is required to weighyour menu you need to measure your food exactly to get an idea about like the thenutrients you're getting the nutrients you're getting in in in what you'reeating second part calories yeah that's allcalorie in the US and Canada is the same calorie so for us we're gonna say Kellywe are not that important but you have something good about calories okay soobviously from our perspective doing a ketogenic lifestylecalorie tally is merely important in the sense that it helps you to see likehelps you to start your eyes go to where is the energy coming from right so if Itake up something and it's you know high in calorie and most of it's coming fromcarb not interested I think if something is high in calorieand most highways come fatty I'm reasonably glad so I don't think that the caloriecounts is gonna deter is going to deter you as much as the rest of theinformation on the label should prevent you because the energy isn't theproblems where the vigor is coming from this actually the problem then thirdsection we're gonna have like the the macronutrients these like is the thesense of the nutrition descriptions you have your fatty you have your your carbs andyou have your proteins mmhm typically fats are divided intosubcategories a little quiz for me so trans obesities are solids where they'vetaken a solid that's not saturated and supplemented hydrogen's to it to saturate it sothat it becomes as that was not her so they can't really call a saturated fatthough because they chemically done this or chemically mechanically I'm not surebut they've done it in a process so they've called trans solids unusually unhealthythen you have your unsaturated in your saturated fattens and so polyunsaturated orunsaturated it's like basically simply be interpreted to mean that you don't have all thehydrogen bonds in the fat the hell is occupied so you can have just one notoccupied or you can have more than one not occupied and of course saturatedfats all of the hydrogen's and oxygen bails are madeobviously saturated fats are health as are some unsaturated fatties so for exampleolive oil is an unsaturated fat it's healthy the fat that you find on yourmeat is a saturated fat it's healthy title so one is not better than theother in that as long as it's naturally occurring it's when it's not naturallyoccurring that you become it becomes problematic we all is often used to visualize seeingthe nutrients like align for cholesterol should we pay attention to that our bodymakes I don't know how many thousands comesacross wrong like I think it's 7,000 so basically ifyou don't eat it your person will make it and if you eat it your body will make alittle bit less and we don't commonly eat as much as our torso needs and we'llmake so this idea like I know they're talking about eggs for example like theamount that a cholesterol that you get from eggs compared to what your body'salready moving it's it's an interesting repercussion of parties believing thatcholesterol was compelling heart attack back in the day but that has more to dowith the fact that cholesterol was found at the site of heart problems becausecholesterol is part of the process our body uses to heal liberty because it's oneof the lipids that can be used to hold things togethersodium same thing sodium will have a line for sodium so the carbs like thatthat's the the main point of interest carbs is a family like it's it'ssubdivided in lists often you'll have the diet the dietary fibers you'llhave the full amounts of the carbohydrates and and sometimes to the sugar alcoholsI just before you come in time want to point out like here is the maindifference between Canadian and American labels and I do prefer the who Emory cando their stuff in a way that they actually have a separate line for theadded carbohydrate so for example you have like a total carb of X gramsyou'll have your dietary fibers you have sugar and a sub word of carbohydrate with theincluded lent carbohydrate we don't have that in Canada they still keep it liketogether hopefully that's a yet situation yeah yeah so first fibers okay so firstof I exactly want to say the Grand category of carbohydrate is all the differentkinds of sugar that you are eligible to have so generally when they're talking aboutsimple sugars it's you know the OSes connected together and in the in a waythat when you perceive the Latos they still taste sweet versus fiber and starchesdon't tend to taste as sweetened so and to me those are the big differences andin our form when they are able to be broken down so that's the otherdifference between fiber and the other two starch and carbohydrate so the carbohydrate on inthe under subcategory sugar I I get muddled would say that because the samething drives me nuts but starch and carbohydrate can be broken down in the body andused the same way so it's not you know like it's one for one like it's thedifference is fiber sometimes we're not able to break it down so you are well aware likethis is part of the reason we don't dine tree rind because we can't break it downbut so there's some fibers we can break down the soluble fibers and like sothere's some that we can break down there's some that we can't and what Ifind interesting is that we're looking on this description it's alright now that weknow that they do the subcategory of sugar that's included may be interestingfor them to likewise do soluble fiber versus not cyber fiber because they usuallytell us to subtract the fiber but some of the fibers we can actually digest youknow the point this that I discovered on I foresee on the pack of popcorn they didsoluble and insoluble they did the dated separated I didn't find like in myexamples like a contingency but like now you I previously realized itso this is this is a company being transparent and same thing I enjoy thatbecause the truth is that soluble fiber that they typically would tell you tosubtract you shouldn't subtract it because your body is actually gonna useit okay so when I want to head to that like the starch you were talking aboutstarch starch is not something we investigate on the label so we kind of assume that youtake your total carbs you subtract your fiber you subtract your sugar you'resubtract your carbohydrate boozes and the remaining number of grams are probablyprobably starch we were not sure hundred percent but like what I ascertained here is thatthe only two ingredients that they are not required to put on the label iswater patently and ashes so water in ashes they are not required to tell usthat they're burning stuff and putting it in our meat there's like that's whatI feel like I'm being told I don't know because ashesif we're that's when you burn something “thats really not” that is so scary I'm sohappy I don't need processed foods anymorescary yes one last thing about carbs that with the fiber it delivers the theconcept of total versus cyberspace wishes to like a total carb is all of thecarbohydrates in the in the food so basically it's not making anydistinction between fiber like it's just include them all and which by the wayis the way that dr.Westman schools parties to do keto because he says thatsometimes that fibers is is digested by people and the committee is also you know if you'retrying to live a healthy life the unfortunate reality and this iswe're sway that at mine field regrettably fellowships require you to buytheir product and the healthier they impel the label look the bigger chancethat you're gonna deter eating it even if it's perfectly not a health commodity so I dothink that sometimes business one I intend I conclude I know there was a companythat was using normal chocolate chippings and saying that they were keto friendlychocolate chippings and it actually was just regular chocolate chippings so firms dothat they they require your your coin and sometimes they're willing to lie to getit perfectly predict your names and at the same time be wary of your labelsnext big-hearted bit of information only bulls or percentages per daily values okaypersonally I frankly never actually checked them I think they're all Bayesbased on 2000 calorie per day nutrition soso percentage I don't know what I do findinteresting about them testifying percentages per on the labels for all thosepeople who are doing calories then they're gonna be paying a lot ofattention to these percentages because they're going to be trying to have thefood that's coming out with the least percentage of daily calories what'sdangerous about that every gram of fatty is 9 versus every gram of carbs is 4which is going to push parties expressed the belief that if I want to be able to eat alittle more and lose weight still I go towards the cars the carbs howeverwhat they're not considering because calories is a manmade idea that doesn'tactually accurately represent how food feigns the body but they're notunderstanding is that that percentage that they're establish so that what is it1 2 percent of the total which is 2,000 you were ready well above your count 20 grams of carbs is what's putting you in a bad situation you already at 34 andthey're saying it's 12 percentage so this is that thing that's very scary freedom ifI don't really understand how food feigns me and I ever hesitate when Icall sugar food but if I don't understand how sugar reacts in my bodyand lawsuits me to feel bad and causes me to gain weight and begins me to havehealth problems and I'm only looking at it from that perspective of well I got2, 000 calories to expend and I can expend 300 grams worth of calories on out ofthat to are happy to get my 200 that's 1,200 calories that I'm spending on sugar in aday right and that's that's 300 grams and what we need to be careful with thatidea because that's that's mischief me much more than doing a hundred grams or150 grams of overweight okay so those percentage are located like on what likethe food leader recommends like towards like more carb ponderous diet we know likethe important number is 20 grams of carbs like if it for example we stillstick to the 2,000 calories per daylight multitude how would you like recalculatethen what done how many grams of fat am I admitted per date like are we stickingto a rule of 80% solid 10% I don't even retain like 80% fatty like 20% youtalking about free ketta for that for yeah for let's say 4 LT a so this isagain this problem of percentages comes back to this idea that adult shaped ournumbers calories and our decisions about where the calories should come fromis more important than what my person is telling me is healthy what we've figuredout is that the average person if they eat 20 grams of carbs or less and it'sor less because you actually don't need to eat the full 20 grams your mas canuse some of that energy straight off and framed some of it apart in your glycogenstores and probably will have to not accumulate any if if at all or storeminimally versus if you go above 20 and now your form is propagandized into thatposition where it's storing that carbohydrate apart it's fatty that's not healthy so evenwith this like this idea that we should eat 80% fat or 70% fatty or trying to likeget that claw that down to a number no actually what you should be doing iseating healthy nutrients that give you good quality protein and if you are gonna eatveg good quality veg that's not gonna put you over 20 grams a day and thenthat combination of menus broth when you're satiated if you do that therecould be eras where you're eating 80% overweight because you ate only meat or therecould be epoches where you're doing like 70 70 25:5 like it 70 25 5 yeah it dependson what you're eating and I feel like it's rather than focusing on trying toget a specific percentage you should be more paying attention to how do Iactually feel when I stand myself to eat vegetation because that's the moreimportant patch of the baffle right like I figured out that I don't do well onnight colors how because I made the majority of members of them out and then as I was bringingthings in I realise oh wow each time I feed tomatoes or every time I eatpotatoes or anytime I eat these kind of thing I don't feel heinous rightand that was my big clue ultimately you shouldn't be eating those things so Ifeel like sometimes we're so focused on what we think were allowed to do thatwe're not paying attention to what our figure is telling us we should be doingand I'm trying to encourage everybody to pay ituntil your organization is telling you to do rather than oh but that doctor overthere said I'm allowed to eat like when you're feeling bad or when you're notable to play with your kids or when you're you know when you have jointissues that physicians not the one living your life you are so so my question islike those keto calculators we did use like in the beginning because like oneof the goal one of the first objective of keto for for a lot of parties is to loseweight they won't have an idea of what they should allow to each eachmacronutrients from what you just said like keep your your carbs under 20 it'sto sessi association and you should be fine you should use the heavines you haveto lose so what I would say for that is that I retain the keto calculatorsthat we did and I recollect solely remember what I did with the informationof course I knew 20 grams of carbs or less but then what's the maximum fatthat I could ingest what's the maximum protein that I could dine and so it'smore a if you're gonna use the calculator it's more about understandmaximums than understanding aims is not the same the same way that there's 20 grams of carbs or or less well yeah it was I hunt I can't remember the numberwas 170 grams of solid or less and my protein was just a hundred or less Ithink are 120 I can't remember right now cuz I don't care about those numbersanymore but the thing was at the beginning it's kind of one of thosesituations where you're trying to play with things on your plate and likeunderstanding what I'm aiming at aiming at understanding what my maximums arehelps me to figure out okay how much do I put one over my layer and then from there Ican figure out well did I actually need all that on my illustration right because howmany times and you you were witness to this how many times did I see platesand then I couldn't finish it right like it took a while to start to figure outlike how much I could actually eat once I wasn't shooting carbs anymore right soat the beginning was i finishing my sheet of course and that was the otherpart of the story is I say this all the time when yous first start keto you'regonna dine the exact same quantity of energy simply from different sourcesinitially and then you're gonna have a huge drop in what you're eating becauseonce your mas comes solid about it doesn't need you to finish all thefat on the plate because it has got to eat and then eventually you get back toa place where you're devouring a little more again because well okay now it's notgonna store taking from this source to the point where I don't have any reservethat would be crazy it's gonna leave a little reservation rightand so it's gonna propagandize you again to eat a bit more and that's precisely whathappens to people who stick with but guess what happens if you allow carsback into your life use all of that stops happening right and this is whatsomething else that we find often you need to understand this information solike you need to I needed to understand how much protein was my max I needed tounderstand how much fatty was my max because for knowledge sake notnecessarily as a point and that's another thing that we construe often is people lookat solid as a aim or protein as a point it's not a goal munch your satiatedsometimes I some eras I snack more and some daytimes I munch fewer and I can nevertell like when that's gonna happen well first of all I intend I simply one meal aday there's like when I get to the end of my daytime and I'm about to prepare thatmeal how many times was i planning something bigger and thought to myselfI'm just not that hungry I'm gonna have eggs because I know I'm gonna make itand I'm not gonna eat it all right well I can't really specified that up if I don'tpass on a caprice but like yeah that I make a smaller meal let's talk about thoselimits from the FDA because they have all those nutrients with less than or atleast so let's go let's review them like abruptly saturated solid less than 20 grams I make everything before we even gothrough it everything that you're gonna read out is based on this ridiculousidea that carbohydrates are innocuous and fats are dangerous and so everythingyou're about to read is going to be towards that expiration so sodium what theyrecommend is less than 2300 milligrams my goodness I believe that we need likeI want to say seven thousands I'm like I'm trying to confused by that no muchokay I can't remember no maybe it's five thousand but I know it's more I don'tthink it's 2300 dietary fiber phones aged to me okayfiber 28 grams so that that could be used to prove challenging for for someone that's Imean this is this is based on this idea that we need fiber to push nutrient throughour plan so that we can adequately go to the bathroom yeah but as a person whoeats hardly any veg right now I didn't tell you I don't I'm getting 28 grams offiber a epoch I'm impressed with myself and I'm so what's the other thing thathelps us go to the back and I say it all the time it's fatty mmm right so I intend II'm if you can get it I don't see and I convey I see it being a problem more inthe sense that it's if it's soluble fiber and you're actually if your bodyis actually going to be using some of that you need to be careful in terms ofyour carb count because we do encourage people to do a health ketogeniclifestyle and so 28 grams of fiber it's gonna put you especially the solubleparts in for children interesting now like the computed carbohydrates they recommendless than 50 grams which is like remember like the part with these thesugar is Li the lent sugar so yeah less than 50 grams which which is like a bithigh okay so vitamin D vitamin D 20 micrograms at least calcium 1300 milligrams I'm just wondering how many Iuse that is because I know like you're supposed have 10,000 IU's I'm wonderingyou know how does that translate because we're working at American places or butlike that 10,000 IU's seems like it would be much more than calcium 1300 milligrams okay at least iron at least 18 milligrams and potassium that's goodlike potassium we know we knew that one like for you said forty seven hundredmilligrams have made it potassium daily and this one is a hard life is a hardhard hard-handed one to get you need to need to eat a lot of salad to get to your fortyseven hundred now of course we're not opposed tosupplementing if you know you're not hitting your your figures in terms oflike cows especially calcium potassium magnesium those three like we're notopposed to supplementing it's just a matter of choosing a quality root andgetting the one and even vitamin D I belief most people should besupplementing because we don't get enough time in the Sun to produce all ofwhat we need so we do need to ingest it and vitamin d3 precisely becausethat's what humans are able to use so I would definitely suggest that for someof these things a add-on is not a bad doctrine if you don't think you'regetting enough so like Lay's chipsyou'll have 20 28 grams a helping width 15 microchips Lay's like tiny 15 that's not abig help width these apples where you buy a single suffice luggage but you can'teat the whole thing I consider I'm pretty sure a suitcase of microchips is like 50 gramsyeah and they're saying 28 breath so total overweight 10 grams saturated saturated1. 5 trans fat zero they use vegetable oil so sunflower corn and nor can theoil cholesterol 0 milligrams sodium 170 more grams potassium 350 coming fromwith potatoes I know potatoes are good source of Daisy of potassiumTolu carbs 15 dietary fiber 1 so your net carbs like all 14 for that that'sribbing ok 14 and sugar is less than added carbohydrate is lower than 1 gram we justgo through the India ingredient potatoes vegetable oil salt so you someone couldthink it's not a bad food well if you didn't understand that vegetable oil isreally bad for you yes you could think that this is not a bad menu but I'll behonest even if you met that in avocado oil 14 grams of carbs it's not the bestchoice I mean that's but if you're willing to devote your carbohydratesthere and you're gonna eat the rest of the day for the more on the protein andfat then could you fit this in your epoch probably I really feel like one of theinteresting things with all of this is that and this is classic claim so thisis no flavourings at and I was just wondering what it would look if there was this was ketchupor barbecue or whatever I wonder what like it would be allnatural parts that this looks like or if it would be mmm a bit more scarythe only thing I I intend maybe I want to have here is that it'sa relatively high fatten high carbs whoo this this guy like the worst you'reright yeah because yeah you're right I didn'tthink about that the fact that you're gonna eat I make how long will it takeyou to eat 20 oh no ya know of course like you're probably gonna need likeyou're good probably gonna munch three serves right well okay so let's try tobe here let's say you only ingest the bag that's what I reflect most people do theywould devour the handbag so now we're talking doubled that digit so 28 grams of carbs2 0 grams of fat so you did you simply did high-pitched overweight high-pitched carb all oh that'sgangster hmm so that's not the very best for your state and even if you did half ofit which “wouldve been” 20 which “wouldve been” 14 10 it's still all that's getting storedbecause 14 is still a lot to even one sitting your body's gonna have toshuttle that away it's just something to think about when you're you're choosingfoods munching the carbs the carbs are going to affect you keep the ice creamso no food I'm just curious like about one thing on that lat label was thesugar boozes that keto ice cream 14 gram 14 grams of overweight eat coming fromsaturated because probably of milk or milk make total carbs 8 dietary fiberto sugars to including 0 included sugar and carbohydrate boozes 3 so most side I envisioned likeif you crave your net carb you should like subtract your fiber your carbohydrate issugar alcohol so this would be for example now hate minus 2 minus 3 so youhave like 3 tree net carbs I suppose I judge I find frightening about subtractingsugar boozes is not understanding that the only thing that makes a sugaralcohol sugar alcohol is there's an O H on it and so as soon as your mas getsthat it Cleaves off the oh and it's carbohydrate again so like I don't feel likethat's a good suggestion to give people I suppose carbohydrate booze should be counted assugar because in the majority of cases your organization is treating it like sure Idon't know if there's any special cases where it's not able to do that so that'sthe first thing I'm gonna see you say there but yeah they do spike yourinsulin so then that's why I imparted it like this label be carefulso I wanna say be careful because if you're doing a kitchen glass or notdoesn't matter and that's just a entertaining preference to takethat type of ice cream versus another type of rice cream but at the end of theday still ice cream right if it's still tasting sweet and like you're stillpushing you towards chasing sugared hmm next one is good with our favourite brandof soda and if this one is carry like a 500 banquets bottle so 210 calories likeyou would think like it's not that bad 210 calories but total carbs 58 gramsand total sugars like subdivided of course like it's it's all sugar so totalsugar 58 grams include 58 grams lent sugar entirety like ever yeah like thewhole carbs is computed sugar and yeah so because now we're talking about highfructose corn syrup yeah which is extremely dangerous to ingest anywaysflour okay so 1/4 bowl like it's a regular Ithink yeah yeah white white white wheat flour barely no fatobviously like a 0.3 grams like 22 grams of carbs2 2 0 fiber and on one fiber sorry and zero carbohydrate so it's mostly this onemostly starch an interesting one I encountered like actually that I have in my cupboardand this is where you need to be careful and on that bag it's a pocket of psylliumhusk that we sometimes use like for or for recipe so 1 tablespoon zero overweight zerocarbs I was like zero carbs but under that zero carbs you check 8 grams offibers so so this is a case where like it's impossible zero carbs serious oh soI did like the some research and the I think there was a mistake on thelabeling like the other one I felt was 10 grams of carbs 6 grams of fiber so becareful with those sometimes those those those commodity can be misleading I can'tbe easier like you can settled so you must call over the place and has still not been givingcarbs well of course not because our first of all fiber is a carwhich they didn't label there but the other part of the story is that thestarch which is not leave frisking there so interesting interesting interestingyeah okay so read your names you know you know the better genuinely how no I'mlooking forward to the day that the Canadians do with that string that saysI'm contributed sugar because I think that's gonna help people to see the differencebetween what's naturally occurring in the nutrient and then the fact that we doadd sugar to a lot of things that well I don't know maybe we need to add thesugar for it to taste the acces we want it to taste but I hope that you guysenjoyed this video because this was actually quite interesting thanks forwatching Mind Blowing Health and Wellness with Violet Pat Chat edition if you want tocontribute to the production of videos we have teespringwe have Amazon associations in the description we have patreon relates multiple ways tocontribute I love making these video for you guys we do can't wait to talk to youagain next week told you next week

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