Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help with Weight Loss?


Does Apple Cider Vinegar, help lose weight. ?” Vinegar has been used as a weight loss aid for nearly 200 years, But does it work Well, it is like a hot sauce. It can be an almost calorie-free medium To add flavor. There are unique and delicious vinegars Like vinegar, peach and pomegranate, but the question is: Is there anything special about vinegar that helps lose weight? Vinegar is simply defined as a dilute solution of acetic acid, Which takes energy from our body to metabolize it To activate an enzyme called AMPK, which is like our fuel gauge. If I feel that the percentage is low, the energy production increases, It gives the body a signal to stop storing fat and start burning fat.

Because of the obesity epidemic, it is important that we develop these oral contraceptives That are available to the body to induce the AMPK enzyme to work chronically So that it activates continuously and leads to long-term weight loss. But we do not need to develop this compound and no, If you can buy it in any grocery store, We know vinegar can activate AMPK in human cells, But will a single dose such as a pinch of salad, be enough If we take the endothelial cells and The cells that line the blood vessels For the umbilical cord after birth and we exposed them to different levels, Acetate, which is what vinegar turns into our stomach. The enzyme is activated when the concentration reaches at least 100. So what is the level of acetate in the blood After spraying the equivalent of a tablespoon of vinegar on your salad? He reaches 100, but only for 15 minutes, And even in that focus 10 or 20 minutes exposure is not recommended.

But this is in the laboratory and we had no clinical studies Even .right, Now In a test to check the effects of eating vinegar On reducing body, fat, men and women, who are overweight, Who are described as obese. But they were actually slimmer Than the average American individual In Japan. People with a BMI are more than 25 classified as obese, Whereas the average American average person reaches 28.6. However, they took about 150 overweight individuals. They randomly divided them into three groups. One group eating a high dose of vinegar Where they drank drinks containing 2 tablespoons of apple cider, vinegar, daily

And a low dose group, where they consumed drinks containing only one tablespoon Of apple cider, vinegar, daily And the last group did not eat any vinegar Except they had a drink. It tastes like vinegar, but with a different kind of acid, So that there was no acetate And they did not change their diet or exercise. In fact, they monitored their diets and gave each of them a walking counter. So they can be sure that the only important difference Among the three groups was the amount of vinegar They get every day.

This was the beginning In just one month, the weight decreased statistically significantly In both groups of vinegar compared to placebo, And it was proved that the higher dose is better than the lower dose of vinegar. Both of them have a positive effect month after month. In fact, after three months, the third group gained weight. It also tends to the nature of overweight people, While the vinegar group decreased their weight significantly.

But was the weight loss really significant Or just some kind of statistical significance? Well, we'll leave it to you In comparison with placebo, the group that consumed two tablespoons of vinegar. She lost five pounds after 12 weeks. This may not sound like much, but she got this cheap Without removing anything from their diet And they got slimmer lost nearly an inch of waist rotation, Which indicates that they are losing fat from the abdominal area. But the researchers made an extra effort. They examined the group with a CT scan in the abdomen To measure the amount of fat directly before and after in their bodies Measure the amount of surface fats, visceral fat and total body fat Surface fat is the subcutaneous fat that makes the upper arm fat and Saggy, It contributes to cellulite, But visceral fat is deadly, And these are the fats, as shown here in white, that wrap and pile onto your internal organs That results in flatulence.

This is the type of fat for the third group Who gained during weight gain Absolutely not good, But in both low and high doses of the vinegar group, She was able to remove about a square inch of visceral fat, as shown in the scanning slide. Now, like any weight loss strategy, it will only work if you are using it Within a month after people stopped using vinegar, the weight came back again. This is additional evidence that the vinegar was working, but how A group of researchers in the United Kingdom suggested an explanation. Vinegar drinks are unpleasant. They made the so-called palatable drinks By mixing fruit juice and vinegar in water. Then they made a tasty drink to the utmost degree From white vinegar drinks, The degree to which people feel nauseous After drinking it, so they ate less of the meal provided with it. Therefore, vinegar helps control appetite and food intake.

Although these effects are due to mixing vinegar with fruits That triggered feelings of nausea, So is this what's going on here Or were vinegar groups eating less No groups of vinegar ate almost the same food compared to placebo, With the same diet, more weight loss? Perhaps thanks To the effect of acetate on AMPK Now it is better to show that the use of a CT scan made this study very expensive. So I was not surprised that it was funded by the company that sells vinegar, Which is good because otherwise we wouldn't have this amazing data. It is also bad because it always leaves us wondering If the source of the funding manipulated the results in one way or another, But the nice thing about finance companies is studies on healthy foods, Whether it's some kiwi fruit or the National Watermelon Marketing Council watermelon.org. If you want to check this, Is it the worst thing that could happen Here? For example,

Suppose the results turn out to be fake. The worst assumption Your authority would be tastier

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