Herbal Home Remedies : Alternative Herpes Treatments

hi my name is Bob Linde I'm an acupuncture and herbalist in st. Petersburg Florida I'm here today to talk to you about alternative herpes treatments so herpes is a problem that one quarter of the people in the US have and there's a very specific medication that's given to people and oftentimes they're trying to avoid the medication or they're unable to take the medication for some reason so there's a couple of things that you can do in order to avoid outbreaks of herpes most herpes outbreaks curves for one of three reasons either a weakened immune system in which case we need to work on getting your immune system up or the two more common reasons for it are people who have a diet high in a amino acid called l-arginine and you can find a long list of foods that make and telling l-arginine in them that you can try to avoid or keep to a minimum and the other reason is stress so there's a number of things that we like to use from the alternative perspective that can be very very effective in either keeping outbreaks from happening or once they do inc you do get an outbreak for some reason that we can use in a little bit higher dosage or even used topically that will help minimize the outbreak and make it go away a lot faster so the number one treatment that I like to use for any kind of herpes is lemon balm this is something that you can grow at home it's in the mint family and it can be drunk as a regular daily tea the lemon balm is great because it's for stress it's very specific to the herpes virus but it doesn't make you sleepy the way some kinds of stress teas do so you can drink it on a regular basis even throughout the day if you're having a really difficult time and if you have to you can of course get it as a capsule but I think it works best as a tea should you get an outbreak I often times recommending and taking the lemon balm and making a topical poultice out of it and even better if you combine it with st.

John's wort another potent antiviral one of the things I also always recommend in combination is another amino acid that counteracts the effects of l-arginine and that's a lysine so that can be found at your local health food store and is very safe to take there's no contraindications for lic so the combination of lemon balm and l-lysine while the trying minimize your stress keeping your immune system up and avoiding those l-arginine foods will keep you from having your herpes outbreaks on a regular basis take care of yourself but best of all try to avoid getting herpes it's something you'll have for the rest of your life and you really want to try to keep that to a minimum so please enjoy your herbs this is Bob Linde in st. Petersburg Florida and you can drink your lemon balm every day.

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