5 Natural Acne Scar Riding Products

how acne scars can be removed naturally

5 Natural Acne Scar Riding Products

Acne is America's most common skin problem. And many people who suffer from acne later have a new problem: acne scars.

Acne scars, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, actually form part of the healing (AAD). The skin is attempting to repair the damage caused by the defect after acne is cleared. It heals the skin by creating collagen. Too little collagen, and there's a concave scar left. Too much and you're going to have a raised scar

Yet acne scars will make you as self-aware as acne itself and then what can you do with them? While the AAD recommends operations and laser resurfacing, these less intrusive, natural treatment solutions could also relieve you.

1. Oil of Black Seed

Black seed oil is also known as Sativa Nigella, which comes from Eastern Europe, West Asia, and the Middle East. It is a relatively popular herb and the oil is available online. The oil is anti-inflammatory in addition to its antibacterial and anti-viral effects. However, the reduction of inflammation is not the only way it can help minimize scars. Studies also shown that wound healing can be increased and enhanced. Pigmentation may also be removed or even acne entirely stopped.

2. Seed Oil of Rosehip

Rosehip seed oil is commonly distributed as a solution for aging and can be rubbed directly on the skin. Research also showed that scars can be treated. While the research was unique to surgical scars, the oil may be equally effective in reducing acne scars. Researchers found that applying it twice daily decreased the presence and discoloration of scars.


You don't even need to go to the drugstore to treat this probable acne scar. Honey is used for a wide variety of medical applications including burns, wounds, and herpes. And research shows that Trusted Source can speed up wound healing, thereby reducing the scarring potential. Researchers found that direct use of honey can help to clean the wound and purify the wound due to its antibacterial properties. It may also combat diseases that would otherwise lead to more acne.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera, like honey, is a popular home remedy. In the case of acne, it also serves to improve the healing process. Research in the Annals of Plastic Surgery Trusted Source found that the application of aloe vera directly decreased inflammation and scar tissue size in injuries. Aloe vera gels and products can be found at pharmacies, but the plant can also be grown yourself. Break into the leaves and add the sticky gel to the skin directly.

5. Juice of Lemon

There are no relevant findings showing that lemon juice is effective in riding your acne scars. However, there is ample anecdotal evidence. Some claim that they have achieved great success in adding lemon juice to acne scars. Advocates claim it helps to decolorate the skin and also to extract it. Due to the high acidity of lemon juice, just add a few drops directly to the scars.

Truly, for acne scars, there are very few proven natural remedies. In contrast with the many more costly creams and lotions – which still have unproven consequences – there are additional benefits to naturalization. Namely, fewer costs and few side effects if any. It doesn't hurt to try, in other words.

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