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Hi chaps, Michelle Phelan now, Nutritionistat Blossom Bariatrics and today I'm going to share with you some shocking tips-off and someawesome catches at the grocery store. So today everybody, I have something calledCore Hydration. There's a lot of business now that actually are putting electrolytesin regular filtered plain bottled water. So you don't have to deal with the artificialflavors, the artificial hue, and the artificial sweetener in many of them out there. And youguys know that I really am not a fan of those artificial sweeteners for folks. But anyway, this is just an example of a brandthat's out there and something else I just assured is that now Propel has something calledPropel Electrolyte Water, and it's the same concept. They throw electrolytes in theirbottled water. So for those of you who are concerned about being dehydrated, especiallythis summer, it's really important everybody to stay hydrated and sometimes you get tothe point where no quantity of sipping irrigate can get you caught up if you're dehydrated, so this is where this electrolyte mixture will come in handy.So again, this product is just an exampleof what's out there. Make sure it says electrolyte enhanced and there's another one out therecalled Propel Electrolyte Water. On the topic of staying hydrated, especiallyin summer months, there's something else I want to share with you. This is another greatfind in stores, or online, like online shopping, like This is by a company calledVega and this is an electrolyte enhancer. These are, of course, naturally candied, naturally flavored, and naturally colored, and they have just a wonderful amount of notonly electrolytes, but other vitamins and minerals very, to help your hydration. They'redelicious. One packet is going to completely fill your bottled water. You can take it withyou on the go. There so small-scale you can slip them in your pocket or your knapsack or yourpurse.They're very handy. I always promote kinfolks to take them with you wherever you go. Another enormous produce for hydration is thisproduct announced Nuun. This make were located in many retailers now , not just health foodstores, although you probably will find this in most health food stores. But I have seenit in regular convenience store out there, like Smiths, Albertson's, Fred Meyer's, etc. Anyway, so this product is amazing. One disc, this is what it looks like in the inside. It looksvery similar to airborne doesn't it? Right? How cool is that? But this is actually forhydration. It's chalk full of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, naturally candied, naturally flavored.It's going to dissolve in your bottled water. You are to be able breakit in two, it is therefore fits in your bottled water. Thanks for watching. If you have any additionalquestions satisfy feel free to check out our website at and besure to check out our YouTube channel as well. As always, have a health date ..

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