Jeff Seid’s SHREDDED CLUB – Nutrition – High Protein Omelette

this you shredded flow I'm welcome to the kitchen guys we're making a healthful omelette today the ingredients I'm going to be using today are eggs we're using 6 egg whites so we rent out the yolk and we're going to use 2 entire eggs also we have one tomato tomato we're just going to dice it up in smaller cases we have some mushrooms and some onions now that's all this can be fill our nutrient for the omelet or to frame the we're going to kind of cut up all the little pieces all the veggies up into little fragments and I'm going to put into the plate into the pan cook it up and also we have some turkey I'm going to mince up and the turkey is going to add some flavor to it it's approaching in there each boy shredded we check our accurate notion about me of chanel is fitness gear on hour you say boys and supermarket might even wouldn't I'm gonna fence flashings a little you can all shake your each other things with a bowl all right now what I'm doing is I'm mincing up all the veggies now these are going to be going into the omelet right now we have the wash heating up right now so I'm just kind of cutting that you know the tomatoes up small-scale little segments so it smacks good when you go I'm going and also one other thing that I are happy to do is I are happy to kept the veggies on to the plate or the wash you know a little bit before kind of cook them up before I set it into the omelet just so they're kind of cooked beforehand so it experiences good when we eat it all right so mincing up the onions right now once I chipped these into little segments and hurl it onto the pan not a fungus I imply even cited by from a chap my own funny person hem spray I'm Bob it's women of Qi oh yeah I get a DI now as your mom's roused are you guys putting Valley of Saigon Shia wrong at the moment on your listing Emma and yeah like I said previously in the egg ders and egg yolk there's four grams of carbs and then there's six grams of protein in the egg white so that's why we're sifting it out right now only because the yolk you know isn't something best for it it's not bad to do is you take too much or yes precisely now we're just going to kind of mix that up you know all right let's good get it well then you'll get it I'm gonna start piercing sprout now when you sort your pusher all right so how will we start heating up the pan now get ready for the veggies and too Felix if you like thrown some Pam spray in there all right so now we've got all our vegetables are ready to go introduced it into the pan now shed it in start conjure that around it cooking good and next up got mix up our meat so again we're going to cut it in nice large-hearted slice pshaw I would alright now prostrate the meat in there with that cook up a little bit we're gonna tell that sit in there for about five minutes make that cook up and then we're going to take it out of the pan and we're going to positioned our depart yes we're going to settled some salt into the eggs right now this is a mix it all together not a great deal and also some spice as well it up to there I'm going to kept it into the pan as well all right all right really sorry about good now for that now we keep the eggs in now all the cooked up vegetables and meat gumptions going to leant it to a little cool and then save that for later so get it all in there take up the whole bowl just gonna be splendid alright now I'm good with that next up go made eggs in another pin or no we're just use the same pan this you know got the flavor in there and all to add flavor give a little more Pam in there so engulf all right beat that into there okay so we're going to let that sit for this is going to sit for about three five minutes we're just going to wait till it gets neat and mantle onto it and ever going to put in our vegetables and meat got to put it on I'm going to fling it over the omelet and we good eat so we're going to let the eggs cook over a little there you go yeah that's delicious now this is meal pretty much all protein in this meal got a little bit of overweight in it with this spray and then with egg yolk as well and we have on the veggies and veggies is not a lot of carbs supposed to get water way you know so yeah it's pretty much high-pitched protein dinner really good for you that's why we sift out the egg white and the yolk just so it's pretty much unadulterated protein good for you guys so what I'm gonna do right now since I'm gonna flip it onto this line-up I'm going to situated most of it in the middle of it it's all areas and in likewise with this you can add your favorite salsa sriracha whatever kind of sauce you crave this is long it's a low fat guys try to stay shredded that's the point of this so yeah I study looks can see all the ingredients in this omelet are right straight from the shredded pyramid for some more information on nutrition visit shave you de blue Texas almost ready to flip I'm flip it oh yeah yummy person tell this sit you know for about a time now and that'll be good to eat biggest entire illustration all right chaps this is how you cook up the omelette all the ingredients is straight from the shredded pyramid help you guys join a chopped Club huh Turkish freaking awesome for information on training supplementation and nutrition call shape you de

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