PART 1: WEIGHT LOSS Q&A – How I Lost 40 Lbs

Hey guys so for today's video we'regonna be talking weight loss a lot of you guys have been asking me for aweight loss update and various kinds of like a Q& A I didn't weight loss Q& A actually onmy vlog Channel it was my first one I will connect it on the right is this theright or is this your right whatever I'll link it no this one yeah prettysure I'm gonna like it up top there in the corner if you guys to click it Ifigured I would do like a little update answer some more questions I do want todo like a full weight loss outings narrative but I'm gonna do that once I hitmy goal weight which I symbolize I don't know when this is gonna be but probably culminate ofsummer ish I don't know we'll accompany anyways I'll do that video becausehonestly I have so much better to like share with you guys in terms of like my weightloss wander and my storey I've striven my entire life with my force there'slike this one thing that's really hard for me to talk about about my past whenit comes to like value and stuff like that it's really hard for me to talkabout but I truly want to open up to you guys about it because I know thatit'll help people so yeah I'll I'll go like deep into my journeying and time deepinto everything in the future when I do like a full my weight loss journey storyvideo but for now I figured let's come cozy and simply chitchat and answer somequestions so I asked you guys on Twitter Instagram and snapchat so I exactly have abunch of them on my phone now that I screenshotted before we get into thequestions I'm gonna answer just a little of fundamentals I've lost 40 pounds and Istarted my travel August 2016 so I've lost a total of to be precise 39 poundsbut ya know alright so let's just jump into the questions so the first one ishow do you stay motivated to go to the gym and ingest healthy because I alwaysfall off track and it seems to get hard-handed it seems harder to get back to it sothis question I get so much you guys my IRRI city so this question I honestlyget so much oh my god like literally I get this question so much and I'vetalked about it a little bit before and my honest answer to that is it's notabout motivation like a lot of you guys want to know where to find thatmotivation and you're not gonna find it like you use sometimes you'll findmotivation and it lasts for like a day or two or maybe even a few weeks or maybeeven a month where you have that attack inside you but that barrage incenses out likemotivation does not last-place it literally doesn't the only thingin life that will last-place you is discipline train and the establishment of attires even whenit comes to like even not even exactly weight loss like have you ever tried tosave money and you're like I'm gonna save money I'm not gonna spend anythingand you'll save money for like two weeks or a month and then you're back toshopping too much that's because you relied on that motivation that kick toget you going don't rely on discipline I would reallylike to see people cancel the word motivation like let's threw a big X overthe word reason and supersede it with self-discipline we all start somewhere so aslong as you can recognize hey motivation and I ain't gonna got to get anywhere sostop chasing it so the space that I look at it is listen I was actually at thegym the other week and I was thinking wow I is actually much instead bewatching Netflix right now eating a chocolate bar like that's just what Ifelt like doing in that moment are there days where I go to the gym and I'm justpumped and joyful yes and then there's periods where I go to the gym and I'm likeI would rather be watching Netflix eating a taco bar but I was still at thegym now that's punishment and I'll tell you guys how to get that honestly Ithink a lot of people overcomplicate situations and overthink like oh how doI do that start with step one exactly get it on like precisely get it on don't overthink it don'tlike you got to know that you're capable I guess a lot of parties like I belief alot people don't realize that they have insecurity issues I'm still working onmy insecurity issues I'm still working on becoming confident I used to beextremely insecure like I'll go into detail on that like in a weight lossstory video but I used to be an extremely insecure person and I'vegotten a little better I would say now I'm like a seven out of ten confident Istill have ways to go but I foresee a lot of parties deep down inside have thatvoice telling themselves they're not capable of things so they just try tooverthink like how do I do that how do I do that time start you know so the waythey look at it is like how did you wake up to go to school every single morninglike oh if a lot of you guys are graduated from high school here's anexample how did you get up every single morning to go to school cuz I hatedschool I'm not a volume notebook being I'm not booksmart at all is I guessyou would say street smart like I'm not book smart at all so I disliked clas howdid I graduate I precisely became why because I had to so why should you go to the gymhow do you find the motivation and the restraint you do itbecause you have to you know I'm saying there's things in life that you do notbecause you want to but because you need to but obviously that's just sometimeslike the gym there's ways of finding fun ways to like go to the gym and thingslike that like I enjoy outdoor exercisings now that the brave is getting betterbetter I cannot wait to do my outdoor work it's like I live for my outdoorworkouts because I adore the Sun like I simply crave the Sun beaming on me and Iwill workout forever I desire it so those are ways to keep the gym and likeworking out fun but only try not to rely on motivation cuz once you've createdhabits like healthful wonts that lasts a lifetime like motive does not lastso the next question is do you smoke or drink and does that affect your weightloss progress um no I don't smoke and I don't drink I have like I used to smokeum when I was in high school how do you guys don't know this about me I used tosmoke weed a lot you guys in high school but I'm not like a regular smoker andI'm not a really a drunk I only don't it's just not my thing um does thataffect your weight loss progress so sucking does affect your weight lossprogress only because of the calories got a lot of calories in like a lot of thosedrinks and things but again weight loss comes down to calories in versuscalories out so as long as you stay within your calories um you know you canlose weight so are you able technically include like potion within your caloriesyes but it's still hard-boiled because a lot of these alcohols are just so highcaloriethat you'll be hungry but you'll wasted your calories on boozes and stuff soyeah it does change it but once in a while won't kill you should someone whowants to lose weight do weight set or should I do cardio to lose someweight firstly then tone with force practise yeah so a lot of parties thinkyou have to do cardio first and then tone listen I was that person I was thatperson who studied okay I gotta lose this load firstly and then I'm gonnatone it's just know so if you improved muscle muscle feelings fatty so a lot ofpeople recall cardio is the best way to lose weight now listen to that carefullycardio is the best way to lose weight yes cardio will conclude you lose weightfast is it the best way to lose solid absolutely 100% no cardio is one of theworst ways to lose fat and I'll tell you why because muscleburns fat like literally if you look at the body the skeleton the social sciences of ourbody muscle shines fatty you were able to literally like right now as I'm sittinghere I am igniting fat because I've built muscle because I heavy weight elevates nowwhat does cardio do cardio is great for endurance and everything like that butan unwarranted quantity of cardio like doing too much cardio actually ignites yourmuscle so you're actually sapping your muscle and losing muscle by doing toomuch cardio so why is that bad since muscle flames fatty and doing too muchcardio does rid of your muscle what is there to burn your overweight now there'snothing in your person that's gonna be igniting your overweight because you'redepleting your muscle so you don't want to do too much cardio to where you'redepleting too much muscle so the best way to lose fat and to mood and to shapeyour torso straight up is weight elevating now a lot of you guys will say wellthat's it should I weight filch in my opinion yeah but the key to weight lossin like precisely a healthful lifestyle in general is finding a exercising that youlove and if you genuinely hate weightlifting I'm gonna tell you rightnow don't make love unless you opposed unlessyou're a disciplined party you can include it in your workout okay butdon't troop yourself to do a certain workout just because you think it's thebest my best advice is to go to the gym discover what the hell are you adore or not even really thegym if you desire hiking if you love basketball if you love guiding if youlike accompany if you like cardio if you like whatever you like to do to getactive simply do that because that's gonna be what's sustainable for you buttechnically and like scientifically speakingyes weight grooming is the best for losing fatty because you're gonna buildmuscle and that muscle is gonna burn fat but you're gonna improved that muscle andyou're going to get super tone like that's what's gonna give you thatchiseled tone highly lean sexy seem and you can actually you know build yourcurves erect that pillage if you want to also don't be afraid to pick up heavyweights like I know a lot of beings when they think weight training they justpick up the fivepound and do their little bicep writhes and everything buthonestly the best thing you can do is challenge your organization like every singletime you go to the gym make sure you're doing one more rep one gradation heavier sowhen you're hoisting that load make sure it's challenging fairly for youlike I want to see your face like skirmish a little bit don't justpick up the fivepound instead pick up the heaviest weight that you're able todo that still challenges you at least that's what I do in my workout routine Iknow another issue that I got was what is my workout routine so I actuallystarted off and I lost 20 pounds in four months first cuz certainly you'vereached plateaus and everything which I'm gonna get into that but I lost myfirst 20 pounds in within 4 months and my workout routine at the time was Ijust did ponderous force lifting for the first four months about one to two timesa week so I was merely works out once or twice that's a that I'm gonna actuallyget into like later on in the video but yeah I lost my first 20 pounds of fatjust through weightlifting and then I gradually started incorporating obstructed whichif you don't know what it is it is highintensity delay improve so hitis cardio but high intense cardio so instead of walking on the treadmill foran hour you would sprint or even running instead of extending on the treadmill foran hour you would do five Sprint's that are like let's say 30 seconds long butyou would sprint as fast as you can so instead of spending an hour on thetreadmill exclusively spend like five minutes and exactly do like like 30 second veryfast Sprint's that's what it is so it's just really high intense cardio andthat's amazing for burning fat because it's highintensity but what's goodabout that is because it is highintensity you're not burning nearlyas much muscle as “youre with” your traditional continuous cardio now notbashing cardio at all by the way cardio was awesome like I it's it's great forendurance first of all when I go to the gym I just see what I feel like if Ifeel like weightlifting that day then I do weightlifting I definitely sounds like thumped then Ido hit if I feel like merely going on the treadmill for 10 minutes than I dothat I like to follow the motto of like doing what you feel like when you go tothe gym I'm awfully strict I adore following routines but when it comes to the gym Ilike the gym is the place where growing up I was not sporting never went to thegym never worked out this is the first time in my life where sorry I'm just fixhim up though this is the first time in my life where I've generally beenworking out for nearly two years now like systematically and I owe that trulyto merely me looking at it and being more fun and not looking at it so structuredlike I don't go to the gym and say I have tothis I go to the gym I'm like what do I feel like today so I that's my path ofmaking it more fun and obstruct making like the such structures and the pressure outof it so person would like to know how do you deal with that setback for example if youstep on the scale and see you've gained a little weight so here's the thing withthe scale you're literally gaining and losing heavines every single day everysingle second your person fluctuates this flake is not a reliable source tomeasure it's like if you were gonna measure a piece of furniture and youchose a ruler that's that's wavy and not a straight ruler the scale is not astraight lord it's not a highway to really measure your progress but it is a greatlittle you can use it as an instrument but don't rely on it as the best tool youknow I'm saying that's also not just about how much weight you lose it's alsoabout how much form fat percentage you lose when it comes to measuring yourbody fat percentage it's hard to get a very accurate number unless you get aDEXA scan I believe it's called but even the desk XO barks I like one percent offor something like that the scale that I use I'll tie-up it down below it's fromvanity planner I picture I have a coupon code for $60 off which is amazing thisisn't patronized or anything I enjoy that magnitude although it was tells you your form fatpercentage and it's pretty accurate it's only like like scales are gonna be alittle bit off on the body fat percentage but as long as you're seeingthat quantity going down that's the goal undoubtedly when I firstly started off I wasI had a scale that was very inaccurate at the time but I know that the scalewas off by like nine percent five to nine percent but I started off at 40 to45 percent and now I'm at twenty nine phase two percent body fat so I've losta lot of body fatty very so it's not just the value because you have tounderstand you're too gonna income muscle I did the little computation I searchedup how to like calculate it and I've gained I speculate a total of like 10 10 or 11 pounds of muscle so even though I've lost 40 pounds I've gained likeover 10 pounds of muscle how many times a week did you workout when youstarted and how many hours and how many now so when I started to be honest withyou most the time like most weeks I merely used to work about an hour a few weeks I didn'twork out very much and I lost 20 pounds in four months you don't have to workoutto lose weight losing load comes down to how much you devour so the amount thatyou feed is based off to seeing how much you work out your senility your gender andeverything like that so I simply really chose to eat lessbecause I certainly disliked the at the time like you gotta understand Iwas starting off I was I had carried a lot of extra fat on me like I said Igrew up I was never a that I hated the gym so I was like let me start offslowly so I started off very slowly just works out 45 minutes to an hour a weekand then it kind of became like an hour to two hours abode at that for a littlewhile and then um I can't amped it up I felt like in January 2017 those like meI feel like you could you could dedicate more of your time to working out alittle bit more so that's what I did I started working out three to four hoursa week and now I would say I used to work 2 to 3 hours a week and I've personallyfound it for me for my lifestyle for my personality for my wish I kind oflike that two to three hour mark like I feel like for the rest of my life that'sthe mark I'm gonna stay with this 2 to three hours I feel like whenever I go to thegym more than 2 to 3 hours a week I start to resent the gym I start to hateit but 2 to three hours is like that sweetened place for me where I adoration ityou know like I'm happy with it if I depart less than that I feel like I haven'tdone enough if I exit more than that I resent it so I'm happy with 2 to 3 hoursthat' s what I supposed to do now so how did you go to the gym I findmyself ashamed to go to the gym because of how I appear you guys I get thisquestion so much better and when I got these questions I was like wow I'm not theonly party because when I first would like to start I was like I know what that feelslike you feel shy because you feel like you're like the chubby daughter and everyoneelse seems so fit when you're at the gym but think about something there at thegym and they likewise had their day one like they also had their starting point likenobody comes out of their mummies womb with like muscles and a lean person okaywe all work to get it you know I'm saying we all start somewhere at leastmost people do you got to remember that that will compile “youre feeling” morecomfortable but too to be real with you guys ain't nobody looking at you like alot of the times think about it when you're at the gym you're so focused onwhat you are doing you're not inspecting or even conceiving or caring what otherpeople are doing like we visualize parties are watching us and attending what we'redoing but the reality is nobody cares what we're doing so try to really rememberit nobody's watching you everybody's so focused on themselves so person askedwhat do you seek when you go out to eat do you still eat do you still go tofastfood places what do you order there so when I go out to eat and when I go tofastfood locates it depends but for the most part whenever I dorestaurants are fastfood plazas I use that as my time to have like I know thatpeople like to call them cheat dates I are happy to only direct them more as like thescientific expression they're called like refeed so what a refeed is is whenyou're refeeding your metabolism so when you've been in a calorie insufficiency for solong and a calorie deficit is just when you chewed less calories than when you thenwhat your body ignites so that's what utters you lose weight likescientifically that's how your figure loses weight so essentially yourmetabolism has been in a deficit it's been losing value for so long that yourbody actually tries to protect itself her body doesn't want to change yourbody actually wants to stay the exact same as it is today it doesn't want tochange so when you try to go lose weight it tries to fight that you're basicallyfighting your body when you try to lose weight or gain weight or anything soyour body is constantly working to adapt itself so your metabolism what it'sdoing when you're losing force is it's trying to get used to the amount thatyou're eating so that it can stay the same so eventually you stop losingweight and you contact that plateau but what refeeds do is it gives yourmetabolism a little bit of more menu only to let your metabolism know heydon't worry you can continue burning because your metabolism will essentiallyget various kinds of scared and stop trying to lose weight so cheat banquets are what Ilike to call the refeeds they kind of work as a channel to let your metabolismknow hey don't worry here's some extra menu you can continue igniting so I just takeit like whenever I go to fast food locates or eateries I only use it asmy little like refeed daytime how do you prepare to get back on track after acheat day I always struggle over the weekend when I cheat so any suggestionswould be awesome so the practice a lot of beings request this the way you get back ontrack is you were you go back to your ordinary planned program like if you havea refeed epoch or you have a cheat day the next day you just go back to normalgo back to what you normally do like you don't have to change anything you don'thave to starve yourself the next day don't starve yourself don't do likeloads of cardio like you just go back to your regular planned program and yourbody will be fine my question is how do you manage to stay so punishment I'vealways been a bigger girlfriend and never scrawny and I did a Banting diet for amonth before I fell off the wagon Banting truly used to work I lost about 5kg in 10 days I judge 5 kg is like what 10 poundsish 10 pounds in 10 days but I necessitate it's been so difficult to get back on it Idon't understand how you do it so easily a lot of you guys say to meI don't know how you do it so easily how are you some motivated how are you soamazing you make love so good and thank you guys so much frankly I affection thecompliments but just know I'm not perfect like how do I do it so easilyI don't get it on readily honestly I don't my metabolism actually is very slow like Ijust I naturally was just born with the slower metabolism than most people I'malso short-lived so certainly I only got things going for me like my organization really doesn'tneed a lot of food and I love to eat so it's like it's like constantly combatingeach other so I don't do it so easily it's not easy for me what what comesdown to the discipline is also obliging the process more entertaining for yourself now Iknow you said you did the Banting diet I candidly I've never heard of the Bantingdiet but I know there's so many nutritions out there people there's keto there'sapparently Banting there's this there's that there's this third that there's somany nutritions and you're gonna ascertain them on the figurehead page of every health magazineand it's the new furor and it's do this and you'll lose this and do that and ifyou lose this like I know you said you lost 10 pounds in ten days and to behonest with you that's very unhealthy it's really undesirable mentally andphysically so when your form loses too much weight at once number one you'reactually losing muscle when you're losing too much weight you're losingmuscle which is not good cuz I explained earlier why number two when you'relosing too much weight too fast your actually your parts are slowly slowlyvery slowly disappointing and that's why a lot of you guys a lot of you girls will stopyour menstrual cycle which is really bad because your body is starving like it'svery bad for your parts to lose weight so fast it's really unhealthy and notonly that mentally doing all these foods is just so unhealthy because they're notsustainable like when the way I always say this is my biggest gratuity when youstart a weight loss journey lose the weight the road you can keep it off sobefore you lose weight ask yourself can I do this for the rest of my life likeyou want to do what you're doing to lose weight for the rest of your life ifyou're doing some quick little cook like no carbs and you're doing that really tolose weight it's not gonna work because it's gonna work in the meantime andyou're gonna lose the load now but you're gonna gain it back and thenyou're gonna struggle in the future like for me I chose to count my calories whybecause I wanted to really learn lessons meat I wanted to learn about portionsizes cuz calories are they're real even if you don't want tobelieve they are they're real lifelike calories are a fact they're literally anutrition fact on the back of everything you buy at the food market so knowingwhat calories are knowing how to measure them you'll be able to gain thatknowledge like I don't count calories anymore I count them in like you knowlike I intuitively know what I'm eating now I technically weigh my calories butI technically know you know like I don't use a calculator anymore because now Ihave the knowledge and that knowledge will ask me for the rest of my life andnow for the rest of my life I'll be able to sustainably maintain my weight losslike I won't begin in weight again in the past I've done that I've done thesequick little determines and these quick foods and it territory me 50 60 pounds heavierthan I initially even was like it they're just not good you end up bingingbecause you're starving yourself and you're and you're depriving yourself ofwhat you crave how do you maintain your weight loss by and not gain anythingback so after you stopped losing force you don't want to go straight back toeating how you used to eat because that's just not how their own bodies drives youwant to slowly first thing you want to do is actually calculate yourmaintenance calories I'll leave my favorite calorie calculator down belowyou want to calculate what your maintenance calories are and you want toslowly work your method back up to those amount of calories I know this stuff canbe kind of confusing I hope I attain I'm trying to like make it the most sense aspossible that I can I learned a lot of this substance from reading a thinner leanerstronger by Michael Matthews he's honestly astounding he takes all of themyths out and focuses on the science and the actual real truth like if you wantedto learn the truth about weight loss located off of science not only based offof some fairy tale myth out there located off of discipline speak that volume thinnerleaner stronger by Michael Matthews it's amazing so the next question is what doyou or how do you react once you recognize you've reached a plateau and can't seemto lose any more load this is awesome because I've reached already like twoplateaus or two or three my mas like like I said I once have like such aslow metabolism and then when I lose weight apparently eventually you're goingto reach a plateau that's just how the metabolism drudgery my favourite is justreverse foods so what that is is you're gonna slowly add a little bit morecalories like let's say you're eating 1400 calories and you've lost 30 poundsbut now you're still eating 14 and your body's not losing any more weightnow what you're gonna do is you're gonna slowly add fifty to a hundred caloriesand dine that for a week and then the next week you're gonna eat fifteen fiftysixteen and keep going until you reach your maintenance sit and eat maintenancecalories for like two weeks ish and then drop back to 1400 now what you simply didwas you just reset your torso you press the reset button and your metabolism nowis gonna go back to losing force the biggest mistake when it comes to weightloss that I have to like share with you guys like my biggest mistake was eatingtoo many calories like I wasted a good eight months of my wander feeing toomany calories so I'll explain this so when I firstly started losing force I waseating 1200 calories and I was merely working out once a few weeks now a lot ofpeople when they hear this okay you guys are gonna foresee 1200 calories oh my godno that's starving yourself people I'm 5 paw tall and I was exclusively working outonce a week 1200 calories is 100 million percentage not starvation for me it's justnot I was merely works out formerly barely movingI work from home so I sit down all day ok and I'm 5 paw 1 1200 calories is notstarvation for someone like me that's why it's very important I believe a lot ofpeople are like 1200 calories too low 18 is too high that is to this that is tothat you have to remember every figure and every form is different when I firststarted I was chewing 1200 calories and it works for me I lost a reasonableamount you never want to lose too much weight too fast cuz like I said it'svery unhealthy I lost 20 pounds in four months which is very healthy that meansyou're losing 5 pounds a month extremely sustainable very healthy for your bodyand then I did a make nutrition I started munching more calories I was like okay youknow what instead of 1200 this time I'm gonna do 1,600 I was dining 1,600 calories for 7 yes 7 months and I lost 6 pounds 6 pounds that's very very slowlike very slow so I should have lost at least another 15 pounds and I didn't Iwas eating too much and it was such a litter of my season so then I did anotherreverse diet and then this back in time I was like okay sixteen toomuch twelve people told me it was too lowlet's do fourteen I did fourteen and rich was okay but it still didn'tmake barely realize me lose weight I lost eight pounds in six months like that'sstill hella slow like it's extremely slow you guys and again fast weight lossnot ideal you don't want to lose like ten pounds in ten days or 20 pounds inone month it's not healthful but you too don't want to lose merely eight pounds insix months it's just not like you know like it's too slow so please don't letOutsiders like get into your foreman what I would say the best thing to do iscalculate how much you should be eating based off of your workouts located off ofyour stature located off of your senility on the calculator I'll leave my favorite onedown below for you guys but yeah that's my biggest mistake if I didn't determine thatmistake I would have already reached my objective like that really slowed me downlike I that's a entire time of my passage that I consumed so person said if youcould just give one piece of advice to someone who is starting their weightloss journey what the hell is it be the best advice that could be used to give you like startslow like a lot of beings are like I'm gonna lose weight that's itthey'd go in their closets they evacuate everything out they go to the gym theysign up for the gym they move six epoches seven days a week for two hours they dothat for two weeks and then they're like ah clamp this and then they stop so mybiggest advice would be to start slow-witted I started off gradual I went to see that Iactually didn't even pay for a gym body I precisely went to see my condo gymto like my complex parish gym and I travelled there free of charge and I worked outonly 45 instants to an hour sometimes an hour and a half a week it's not gonna bequick it's not gonna be fast it's not gonna be easy it's gonna take time it'sgonna give manipulate and it's gonna take act but you're gonna constructed thosesustainable dress instead of doing something exceedingly intense and quick atfirst and it only lasts like 2 weeks so someone asked me what kind of weightexercises do you do I do a lot of heavy weighted squattings right now I'm on 45 pounds on the two sides like deadlifts deadlifts I dread them sometimes andthen other goes I like them um I like to do trendy pokings I like a lot of legworkouts but I do work on my limbs I like bicep bends a great deal I like um like what isthis one called the military press yeah I like bench press where you're layingdown on the bench there's just a lot of stuff that I do I will you know what I'mgonna do a workout procedure I think soon like once the weather merely gets a littlebit better perhaps I'll do an outdoor workout routine too so person asked howdid you construct the first move and decide to go on this wander I'm stuck rightnow and I don't know how to start so I talked about this a little bit on thevlog Channel when I did my first QA uh weight loss Q& A but what stirred me juststart was um to be honest with you guys I never has spoken about I don't even knowif I mentioned this in my vlog my other vlog but to be honest with you guysactually person close to me in my family like exceedingly close to me myfamily went really sick and that just made me start thinking about health itstarted stimulating me think about this is the decisions that I was making formyself and my health and I was like am I makingthe best decisions for myself so that I don't get sick in the future like whatam I doing with “peoples lives” it started genuinely attaining me think that and not onlythat I started becoming like a lot of it I saw a lot of statements on my videoslike a lot of you guys were like you glance sad like your eyes really really looklike they have this darkness to it this sadness and I was lamentable I was justdepressed like I had this depressed feel now I won't say I was completelydepressed cuz I know depression is extremely serious and sometimes peoplecan't get out of bed and I know what that feels like cuz I've had someexperiences with that at the time I was having that off and on feeling likethere were some epoches when it was hard for me to get out of bed and I was likewhy like I am feeling not good oblique myself like I wasn't feeling good aboutmyself I was getting more insecure something said to me deep down insideyou know Amy that you're better like you know you can do better and you knowthere's something inside of you that you're not pulling out like you'reyou're not you're not using your full possible here I knew I was more thanwhat I was doing like I was munching acces too much food consuming space too muchcalories I wasn't working out at all it stimulated me a extremely contemptible being becauseI wasn't happy with the skin that I was in I stopped announcing organization photos onInstagram like if you guys look back you'll notice there's a huge crack therewas a point where I used to post photos during the summer I think it was like whatsummer 2015 yeah and then I would I stopped postingphotos all the way up until 2016 July it was my birthday and I was like you knowaim you never post photos like exactly do one and I did one but I had like threelayers of Spanx on okay I woke up one Saturday morning and it was August 13 thlet me check my little weightloss journeythingy notes that I have on my phone cuz I started this note on that day August1 3th so August 13 th 2016 I literally was a Saturday I recalls that it and I rememberthat day like it was yesterday oh my god I awake up in the morning and I said Ijust had this thing where I was like that's enough like this is enoughtoday's gonna be the day where I'm gonna alter the rest of my entire life okay Ithink I've been talking for like 40 hours now so I think this is enoughfootage right sugar babe I think this is enough footage to spell like a reallylong video I didn't want to cut anything out and then you guys missed out on someinformation that I wanted to share so hopefully you guys don't mind the longvideo I hope you guys in joyed say goodbye sugar babydick goodbye baby he's so tired he's like momma you've been filming I've beenfilming now for like four hours cuz I precisely filmed it should check it readywith me but anyways I guess my camera is dying so I got to go thank you guys somuch for watching as ever I will see you guys in my next video bye chaps

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