The Gut-Brain Connection: Nutrition & Its Role in Ending Chronic Pain – Part 2 of 3 (10-3-2013)

so leaky bowel leaky nerve is a condition in which the soundnes of the tighten intersections in the intestinal mucosa is stopped arising in a loss of the normal intestinal roadblock serve and malabsorption what on earth does that represent so here's the deal inside of the intestine inside of the small intestine the large intestine is outside of you it's not until whatever it is we put into our intestines into our speaks and hurtles inside junctions the mucosal obstruction the cadres rowing the intestine and then recruits the bloodstream that it moves into us so everything within the nerves outside of us and it's not until it gets across that mucosal railing that it gets into us now there's a couple of ways in which nutrient is brought into the body but we're going to focus specifically on these things called close-fisted conjugations tighten conjunctions are the seats in between cells and their boundary with lots of immune cadres and so their purpose is to allow only little tiny molecules come in and recruit from inside the gut to inside the bloodstream if those are swollen if they're open wide what happens is large molecules start passing across the gut into the bloodstream the body does not like big molecules so it looks at large molecules and it says antigen and it makes an antibody response to it now we have inflammation going on and what will happen is with people who have leaky intestine they suddenly find they're allergic to more and more and more and more and more menus so you became from receive that you were in set intolerant to one or two types of foods to over the course of a year or two abruptly you're discover you're eliminating everything and the only thing you're allowed to eat is grapes red grapes it's nuts and then we start on all these elimination diets trying to chase this thing when in fact this is the issue we need to be chasing we need to be focused on is how do we shut your intestine now good word is we do have to eliminate a lot of those menus early on but we can probably give them back to you later on formerly they got shuts so leaky bowel is a very serious problem and arises unfortunately under a large number of circumstances so irritable bowel syndrome food senses joint agony autoimmune infections SLE rheumatoid arthritis can all be attributed to leaky gut as will sell yak we'll talk about a instant dip fatigue and skin rashes look at this leaky gut can create all of this stuff ero bowel disorder problems with gas bloating diarrhea or constipation alright it is normal to pass to have a ordinary regular bowel movement two times a day should be huge wellformed stool if you're having a bowel movement every other day every three days every four daytimes you got a problem it's not ordinary the guts not treating meat properly you're not feeding yourself properly and you're having a proper motility and they got in you having a proper digestion of your outcome so we need to pay attention to all of these little evidences because they build they accrue and one day you say you know everybody comes in I Mike my history start with when was the last time you were in excellent health that you felt vital and strong and everybody gives me a year okay and then we start coming into their history and so the last time I was completely in enormous health until I one kid mommy bring me “hes in” perfect health excellent health until six months ago when he starts developing chronic daily headaches all right been through the mill of neurologists and pediatricians trying to figure out what's going but he was in perfect health nothing wrong nothing wrong and I'm spending an hour and a half with this kid trying to get all this information but he's healthy tenyearold adolescent after all how much could have happened I go to do an exam in them and I look at his ears there are tubings in both his ear is tympanic membrane I turn around and I said well how long have those been there since you're not born with tubes in your ears Oh since he was four a lot of ear infections yeah a lot of antibiotics yeah so he's had this is his third move of tubings because each time they make them out he gets infections again then “theyre starting” another round of antibiotics it is so parties lie to me all the time you're all very nice people and then you don't mean to lie but the fact of the matter is when you really start getting down to it “were starting to” get this history of how these things increase over occasion and the reason it's so important to know about this trash is because the causes of leaky gut are in part antibiotics no one no one should ever receive an antibiotic without receiving a probiotic span how much probiotic should probably be taking about 25 billion settlement structuring sections of a probiotic a date all right some people can't tolerate that will happen take five to 10 but you are able to but if there's a hundred trillion cells in the gut a thousand different species only got 25 billion is still a drop in the ocean so antibiotics lots of them in particular help cause leaky gut ischemic bowel infection ulcerative colitis Crohn's canker absolutely result in leaky gut stress anybody have stress stress starts leaky gut parasitic infections nonsteroidal antiinflammatory remedies talk about that in a sec the cytotoxic doses “thats been” expending to treat rheumatoid arthritis or cancers and excessive booze uptake and regular alcohol consumption more than two glass of wine-colored a epoch will begin leaky gut so in the antiinflammatories anybody now make Advil or motrin anybody is that okay here's the distribute we are so focused on the gastritis that it causes and the reason we're focused on the gastritis is because we got another pill we can sell you to do something for it because we never has spoken about how bad the ulcerations were and how regularly and the answer is 3200 people died a year in this country because of complications from a nonsteroidal antiinflammatory prescriptions okay we didn't talk about them we didn't talk about them because we didn't have a treatment 32,000 hospitalizations result a year because of these medications as soon as we started finding something that might help in terms of the gastric ulcers that they cause we started saying oh by the way there's a lot of people with gastric abscess who are taking in makes and here's carafate take this that'll take care of that problem for you here's proton gush inhibitors that may help this is a bigger issue we don't talk about this and it is in the literature it's not slight so sixty to eighty percent of individuals within 24 hours of taking then said and beings were fifty to seventy percent of people who are chronically applying scent develop chronic intestinal inflammation that is if we take an endoscope down and we go look in your small intestine we find that the whole damn things irritated as a result of chronic usage of NSAIDs in the overwhelming majority of people who are taking it so chronic employment of NSAIDs result in leaky gut not in everybody but in the overwhelming majority of people who take you take it formerly and this is your response this is the risk in terms of make it once sporadically sixty to eighty percentage but if you start taking them on a regular basis and the gut will soothe the gut mostly turns over in about five days and all the cells I get so they got a lil after that assault question is how many times do you aggression before it stops healing that becomes a question so yeah once every now and then not going to do you in probably but on a chronic basis and since twenty nine percent among populations is chronically squandering nsaids we got a problem and think about it it's all this trash adding up a little bit at a time a little bit at a time a little bit at a time as we start creating these impairments and things that we was put forward with we was put forward with gas we put up a little bloating we put up with a little bit of reflux all right what do we do for the reflex for the reflux we take proton shoot inhibitor okay and what do we do we stop the production of acid in our belly well acid isn't there so we could invent a capsule to stop its yield battery-acid is there to help us digest our meat and the first wrinkle of defense against bacteria and viruses that come into our torso with our meat so to completely eliminate the acid is actually a stupid thing to be doing there's a era and a locate and sorrows you have to do it okay but there are other ways to go about treating these things and we need to be smarter and more attentive about what we're doing so there are specific tests that can be done in order to determine whether or not you have a bacterial overgrowth and whether or not you have a leaky gut okay so what happens is as a whole change over in the flooring in the intestine that happens as the nerve spills and this is just an example of a small bowel bacterial overgrowth is essentially what we do is we have you drink a flowing loculus and we see whether or not you start inducing hydrogen methane from it over what time the longer the time period out the further down in the intestinal region is the problem all right this is about 24 paw a small intestine so the longer that that is going up in a difference of about 12 from baseline to the maximum says that you've got significant bacterial overgrowth now what does that aim again we go back there is about a hundred trillion cells bacterial cadres sitting on the bowel now the other thing you need to know is that that is most of the DNA in our body so simply ten percent of all the DNA in our figure is human DNA and that's a hard thing to get your brain around because all the rest of the DNA in your body is bacterial DNA the DNA is found on your surface it's found in the intestinal treatise it's found in the in the snout okay we are just beginning to understand how important that other DNA is because that other DNA interacts with our DNA and it's that interaction that results in us so studies are going on now we're we're starting to look at the fingerprint that is all of the different types of bacteria that are in the gut and the accumulation of the bacteria in the gut that's not in your slithers unfortunately but this is pretty new data that we're starting to look at and we're asking the issues to what's the connection between the gut bacteria and our health and what we're finding is in people who have obesity issues and they say no matter what they eat they can't lose weight well it may actually be true because the composition of the gut bacteria in them is different than it is in other people and so we're asking if we can change over that bacteria will will be able to assist them in being able to lose weight but it disappears even deeper than that we know that in certain pain conditions a pain condition called complex regional pain condition which is a really nasty critter which results in swelling and sting to really various kinds of gently grazing the limb of the leg that's changed the composition of the gut floor in those individuals is significantly less diverse and there's a couple of particular species that are significantly overgrown in those people that in controls and in normal people and we're encounter in condition after precondition after situation in diabetics that that bacterial overgrowth that that change in the piece in the bacteria is directly related we're starting to find correlations we're also witnessing into people who are chilled so we may actually be able to take a stool sample from you one day and tell you what your problems are so understanding that and being submissive of the composition of the flooring of the intestine that's what we're putting in our lips and being careful with all of that is critical in order for us to have excellent health treatment Aliki got stopped all booze stopped all end positions the antiinflammatory diet treat any parasites are just by OSIS all right most of the testing that does done for parasites is ineffective because the solutions that we use to transport the stool parasites and so it frequently goes missed on standard stool sampling you need really to go to some specialized labs that's that are able to look for this stuff have a much higher made charge and you'd be surprised how many beings are walking around with parasites or bacterial overgrowth and that needs to be addressed because that's part of the leaky gut syndrome so that analysis needs to be performed treatment comes in the form of things like glutathione nacetylcysteine lglutamine prebiotics and probiotics and we're not going to spend a lot of time on that there's another thing there is a medication by the way for those who have irritable bowel syndrome again it's a bacterial overgrowth so xifaxan is a nonabsorbable antibiotic there are good tribulations that look at treatment with this medication for about 14 dates and about a thirty percentage resolutions tabled in exasperated bowel disorder in individuals who we treat with this so again there are prescriptions in addition to supplements and dietary things that can all be done in order to address this problem so you want to partner with your physician in talking about this stuff and figuring out what's going to make the most sense for you in order to diagnose and then address these issues what you don't want to do is ignore the question ah glutamine use between 1500 to fifteen thousand milligrams per day they have to be cold because if you heat it up you denature it and so it's no longer effective dietary generators include animal proteins for a spinach green parsley milk and yogurt prebiotics prebiotics are essentially fiber all right and they're selectively fermented dietary ingredients that to be translated into specific the changing nature of the essay and or activity of the gastro intestinal microbiota the microbiota is all of the bacteria that be engaged in the intestinal tract so prebiotics really thought about it as the scaffold on which the probiotics actually need to settle in order to do the job they need to do and probiotics are virtually fiber probiotics on the other hand are live microbes which which is managed adequate sums award a health benefit on the emcee lactobacillus bifida back there those are the large-scale family name of person of categories which are being studied for a variety of different health conditions but overall taking a good probiotic and a good probiotic ought to have refrigerated in order to keep the cultures live all right the yogurt that you're chewing has maybe a bin cfu is in it and by the time it's been hauled I may be dead may not be so what you want is therapeutically something that's live not just put in so they can say they kept it in so you want to be taking a product which is preferably refrigerated and has some tier of quality control on it so that you know how whether or not it is live probiotics and well how many colony make divisions are in saccharomyces boulardii lactobacillus omifin aback them or this species most commonly used for cares the sacra bellari is one that you don't commonly was also necessary take but one which is has the big longest track record in far as impeding the overgrowth of bacteria that got from antibiotics so exclusively we are concerned about a thing called Clostridium difficile which when you take antibiotics if you end up with the severe diarrheal malady from the antibiotic that's the implications of the c diff over growing in the gut c diff can quickly take over most of the flooring and the intestine and be a real bear in order to try and get rid of it the saccharomyces boulardii taken whenever you take an antibiotic has been demonstrated proved effective in preventing the occurrence of c diff now c diff is a very interesting genus there's about a hundred different cdf genus in the body alright some of them produce some actually bad toxins that are neurotoxins and it has been demonstrated in some teenagers who have a DD ADHD some children who have been frankly insane and depressed that there's been an overgrowth of c diff in their intestine inducing substances that end up moving into the brain and interfering with the production of certain neurotransmitters precisely dopamine stops the disintegration of dopamine makes an increase amount of dopamine the end upshot is all of these neurologic symptoms it's psychological symptoms right so you then you go start treating with ADHD medications you use the adderall use the ritalin okay or you're using antipsychotic remedies but genuinely what you can do in some of these cases if that's the problem is an antibiotic that will wipe out the c diff repopulate the bowel with probiotics and the whole problem goes away because they were being poisoned by an overgrowth of bacteria in the gut so we want to prevent that from happening by using these things on a regular basis all right these I think you're just kind of everyday health profile worth doing so 25 Bay and 10 billion or 25 billion settlement assembling sections live make every day with food that the saccharomyces boulardii I exclusively use when I've got beings on antibiotics and I use it for the duration of antibiotics plus two weeks so this is if you look at galens website he's got a really nice discussion on leaky gut and a whole knot of ways to go about discussing it

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