Women try guessing each other’s weight | A social experiment

hey guys Cassey now so today i gathered 8 maids together for a little social experimentation none of them “ve got an idea” what's about to happen all they know is that it's gonna be a video about mas portrait but that's about it they don't know that it's about to get a little disagreeable how you guys feeling what do you think we're gonna do today perhaps share our insecurities with each other how often do you guys catch yourself likening yourself to other women do you guys ever reviewer people based on how they gaze and do “youve been” get guessed based on my stomach and compare his own body solid to quarry I went this every day it's not really okay to be a woman and have a lot of muscles I can walk in the city and beings come and look at me like wow you gaze good told you like too skinny or you're not scrawny enough I'm trying out this new yoga studio and this really slender woman glances up and down at me when I walk out I didn't belong this is the part that might be a little bit uncomfortable I miss you guys to choose a partner that you think weighs the same as you okay and you can't ask you to either how much you weigh okay formerly you figure that out I demand you lineup by weight lowest highest now we're gonna ask you why you chose each other okay my partner we kind of had like similar like organization yeah I like form they think we're both jolly curvy we have more weight like down in our lower form area yeah I was a little drawn to my partner because we're both the same height so I was like okay yeah wielded my path down I reckon I Joseph cuz she's towering yes I think we were kind of trying to like movement a balancing tournament like maybe our mass don't inspect the same certainly but you know the height might also play a factor like toned muscle weighs a bit more than fat and almost like similar I feel like your shoes have a bit of heave yeah I did feel a little awkward like I don't want to do that to other yeah seem I felt really uncomfortable because I was like photo sizing parties up like I'm like well I envisage I weigh more than you but not more than you and like it exactly felt like even if we like I think that we do that in life but it felt totally weird to like be given a task and have to do it are you ready to hear the results none of you are right first we have Kobe and Paloma we have Rachel and Vinay next we have Celeste and ebony and finally we have Irene and Darlene how do you guys feel I think it's really cool yeah yeah because everyone I really like characterizes by like the scale of assessments but you ogle so different even though the count might be the same are you guys caught that you're the same room I had I had mistrusts you can really realise her muscular interpretation I was thinking I was heavier than her really because of the like you know a little bit the muscles show me more usually I'm a little bit on the heavier place of lean yeah I contemplate simply height wise I'm just like truly so now I just want to get an idea of like what's your conventional diet I usually like cereal for breakfast and always with a beaker of coffee generally for breakfast I'll snack like a bagel with cream cheese avocado and like a lemon pepper on top food is always a difficult thing because I going to be home repetitions I also took meat out for like three years dealing with cancer and made it back in my typical diet is what's on sale at buds often and then I usually eat ice cream a pair ages a few weeks more so I try to have carbee snacks in the amount part of my period and then incorporate veggies for dinner I don't have any particular proposal I do eat breakfast every single day my belly will grow if you don't devour I cook a lot at home so I'm meal prep every Sunday I have a huge sweet tooth but frequently I try to eat healthier honestly my diets like everybody my nutrition consists of bread and sugar it's probably quite a boring protein protein protein I gobble more less chicken like four or five times a day set my carbs in the morning and some cups right before my educate how often do you work out and what do you do I work out I try to work out five to six day of the week like 45 times of strong training and then the last like 20 to 30 minutes of cardio haven't been to the gym and like 132 it's just life is crazy so I haven't been able to go I work out a lot almost every single day sometimes twice a day with yoga and then I do like my own load I'm uh seven days a week as well I usually start off with some force lifting and then all marathon training too so I'll do like three miles to however long I have a long run day on the weekend I would say at the least three days but I try to shoot for every day just some sort of activity and that's kind of my objective often about three times a week I go through phases for employs like sometimes it'll be Dan sometimes it'll be typically I don't go to the gym when I do go to the gym I “re just trying” do some cardio I learn much more less every day so offseason I go to the gym for the load practice four or five days a week don't do so much cardio at the gym offseason period I'll save it for the on season but I have a dog so I do a lot of long treading all right now laurels gonna step in and “now do some divulges we're gonna discover your BMI and they're gonna really you're by fat all right one two three so that's your BMI which is a relationship between your summit and your weight based on like these industry standards Hobie it says 22 is like in the healthy compas and then for Paloma it says that 24.5 is in the health like virtually overweight range what do you think of that what do you think about BMI I don't really like it and never certainly use it because it doesn't like include torso fatty percentage which is something I incline more towards 20 spot five says you're in the healthy array and then rachel says you are so also in the healthful collection arbitrary number it doesn't make sense to me with physical care is my background like we don't use the BMI scale as much anymore for evany and for Celeste both of you it applies you in the overweight category so how do you guys feel about that not enormous yeah I is guilty I guess that's the word I'm centering on for both Irene and Darlene it says both of you guys are in the category of obese I'm gonna leant that in paraphrases and I want to know what you think about that and what that message are meant to you yeah I've been through this a lot of hours with when you have a lot of muscle this doesn't work at all I intend I personally don't consider myself like obese I entail I know I'm not health ya know it establishes no appreciation I think it's a now we're gonna clip one more you'll see your body fat ready and throw so according to a sickness both of you are in the fitness list for form solid percentage my part yeah I ponder I'm just stunned I'm emphatically not as toned s Bonet just goes to show you “youve never” know crazy okay you guys are both in the athlete realm for person fat for women yeah interesting with all these class yeah I think you feel good you look good but then you get a number attached to it and it might reform your knowledge completely 26 and 29 introduces you in what they call for women like acceptable whatever that wants so when you interpret these amounts how does it compile you feel I kind of go back and forth with this because at one point I want to say like they're just figures but then at what site does those digits like be converted into greater health risks or something like that I really hate that their own bodies fatty is called acceptable it just sounds so terrible like you're all right like you're not great but you're right I I'm in the same boat like I feel like that doesn't reflect Who I am state is my priority so I feel like I shouldn't be labeled in this way I mean you are more than time indispensable solid so women right here on this magnitude indispensable flab is 10 to 13 percent and for men it's 2 to 5 percentage Darlene it would put you in the obesity category and I want to know how you feel about how these crowds affect you personally and do you think it has any marker on what your health really is and no I don't think it have anything to do with that it's so different from person to person I make if I'm 44 now I don't know what I was before what is the biggest takeaway you think you guys learned today for me my biggest takeaway I think is that we're all unique someones it's interesting to hold this up and it's kind of like my name right now right like it's like I am this amount and we don't are walking depicting parties telling beings like I this is my BMI I imagine for me it's been like a huge wake up we really are like way more connected and in tune with each other and I'm hoping to like be super fuelled on meeting people who maybe are struggling now because to like cure producing this frequency or awareness of like we're really human these amounts are not certainly like a great indication of somebody's true state and like what exactly are they measuring that their own bodies fat percentage and based on what counts this is just you need to attach a number to in how gonna depart told me to like state because mental health is a big part of your state as a whole like if it doesn't matter how you appear or what all these amounts are it's if you're happy with how you are your body and what you're doing who you border yourself with at the end of the day those are the things that utter you health hearing everyone's experience it's been great to has to know like we all have different tales and different backgrounds but in a lot of ways like we're not alone and some of the things that we're and knowledge are similar you receive a lot of girls and you think wow she glances amazing and then you start to talk to her and she said no I have to lose weight she's not happy with herself and all of them have their own struggle we can defy what a scale or something else originated say or deride the stereotypes that others may have doesn't really matter how you search or like what a number says it's about like the person definitely feel more cozy I think we “re coming back” not knowing one another at all I think we're unquestionably leaving all those friends wow you guys so many takeaways with this video and I time want to say thank you to the women who participated because it's not easy to talk about your weight and your state in front of people and their vulnerability allowed us to better understand how we are judging other women every single day whether or not you think it's conscious or subconscious we do it you cannot judge a person's health based on how they examine you cannot judge a person's health based on how much they weigh there is so much more to someone than those numerals okay there is a whole story behind a person that we need to take the time to get to know so you guys I hope you experienced today's video and if you miss more like this go ahead and commentary below and I'll see you next time bye[ Music]

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